La Horre


  • The Lake la Horre
  • Departement Aube (Champagne)
  • Open: From March untill November
  • Distance to lake: Le Havre - La Horre: 427 km Calais - La Horre: 391 km
  • Surface 110 ha
  • Bottom: Flat without obstacles. Clay, sand and silt.
  • Depth: max 2.5 meter
  • Max. Anglers: 28
  • Stocking: 2000 carp between 20 and 62 pounds
  • Weed formation: possible from may
  • Access: the swims have access on foot
  • Price per Angler: 300 € per week
  • Price per non-Angler: 35 € per week


Just imagine. A lake of 110 hectare, surrounded by a spectacular National Park of 250 hectare, stocked with 2000 big carp from 10 until 60 pounds, and all this for you… yes, this is THE ultimate carp fishing venue where every serious carp hunter must have fished at least once in his lifetime.

We rate La Horre as a moderate, to difficult water. There's a feeder stream running down the length of the lake bed so it has the classic features of gentle slopes to the centre with shallow water at the top end. Maximum depth of La Horre is 2.5 m.

Two bivvies can be placed on each pontoon (6 m x 4.5 m). Use screws or cup hooks to fix the bivvies, nails are not allowed. When it rains it can be quite muddy around the peg. The pegs 4 to 9 lie at a considerable distance from the parking place, you will need a little barrow to carry your tackle.

The bathrooms and the showers can be used 24 h a day.

On site Bait

CST frozen boilies made in the UK with the highest quality ingredients
5kg - 50€ or £40
10kg -100€ or £80
Glugged hook baits 5€
Pellets 3mm or 6mm
25kg - 40€ or £35
Bait deals
5kg CST boilies, 12.5kg pellets, pot of glugged hook baits 75€ or £60
10kg CST boilies 25kg pellets, pot of glugged hook baits 140€ or £115
please order by email only,


Anglers: 300 Euro/week (Sat-Sat)
non-Anglers: 35 Euro/week

Minimum 2 anglers per swim.


3 rods per angler, barbless hooks, big unhooking mat, large weigh sling, green tents, chest waders, no braided mainline, no carp sacks, no bait boats, no domestic animals.

Map from La Horre

available swims

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Feed back: 39

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Rules - La Horre

Barbless hooks only, no crushed barbs

Mainline and shockleaders must be mono, no Braid

+ More

May be mono or braid, but no micro braid

Any rig may be used but must easily discharge the lead, the bailiff will decide if your rig is safe.

Carp care
Unhooking mats must be at least 1.2m x .75m and 7cm thick made from foam, beanie mats are not acceptable. Mats can be hired for 10€ per swim.
Landing nets must be at least 42”(minimum 1 net per person).
Every swim must have klinik or other brand of carp care kit.
No sacking fish anyone found sacking fish will be asked to leave immediately.

Peanuts are only bait restriction.  All particles must be prepared properly, this will be decided by the bailiff.
Boilies and pellet can be bought on site.

General Rules
Boats, baitboats, swimming or any other means of water transport are strictly forbidden. Wading is allowed ( chest waders are strongly recommended and are necessary in some swims).
Bivvies must be green or camo and be located in the swim.
No unattended rods, if you need to leave your rods you must reel in.
Dogs and other pets are not allowed.
Fires or barbecues are not allowed.
Swims are only accessible by foot, there are 2 wheelbarrows supplied but we recommend you bring your own.
Noise and lighting must be kept to a minimum.
A refundable deposit of 50€ or £50 per angler will be taken on arrival and will be taken if any of the rules are broken.
La Horre is a nature reserve and the future fishing of this lake depends on your cooperation, if you are not sure about anything please ask.

Any questions about the rules don’t hesitate to ring Rob on 00 33 613 67 74 59  for advice.

Available swims - La Horre

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