30,9kg record Schuppi am Cavagnac

20 Mai 2016 - FishermanHolidays.com

David vom Cavagnac meldete uns dass ein sehr schöner Schuppi gefangen wurde heute Nacht - und was für ein Monster! 30,9kg! "Surprise for us when we find out that that was the biggest common ever caught on Cavagnac lake !! it was 68 lbs !!! / 30.9 kg - we are all over the moon !!!
Big Fish are getting very very smarter !! specialy since we introduced so many over big size fish in the lake the last 2 years . This fish got caught on boards, about 50 cm from the bank !!! on a cavagnac lake boilie !!

A lot of over very big fish been caught this week... more to come !!" David, Manager vom Cavagnac Lake