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Rules - Cavagnac
Southern France

Rules - Cavagnac

Southern France

Lac Cavagnac is in a area of outstanding natural beauty, it is important that all guests respect the environment, water, fish and the lake inhabitants. Our aim is to create a relaxing, high-quality venue with outstanding fishing.
Here we will do our best to make sure your your holiday is a memorable one, you will be well looked after in a tranquil atmosphere with plenty of space and water. Our bailiffs are always on hand to help if you need them.


Arrival between 12:00h and 13:00h. A refundable deposit of €50 (Drive & Survive) or €100 (All Inclusive) must be paid upon arrival. The deposit is only refundable if all fishing equipment is returned in full working order as received .
All double swims must be reserved for 2 anglers.
No braided mainline. Minimum main line BS of 15lbs and hook links 25lbs.
Lead core is forbidden on this lake.
Micro barbed hooks only, up to size 2. Bent hooks (long shank curved hooks) are not allowed.
Only safe rigs using a proper lead discharge system, such as safety bolt beads, allowed.
Life jackets must be worn at all times when you are operating a boat.
Drive and Survive anglers must have very good carp care safety kits (unhooking mat, sacks, weigh sling, landing nets). Kits can be provided. See bailiff for details.
Unhooking mats must be used at all times. Do not take fish out of the water until you have all the equipment ready (unhooking mat, sacks, weigh sling).
We have to prioritize some of our bigger fish. We will let you know which ones. These fish must not leave the water until one of the bailiffs has arrived;
Please treat fish with respect, keep handling to a minimum when weighing and photographing your catch and return fish to the water as quickly as possible.
All anglers must have Medi-Carp with them in the event of a fish being injured. Medi-Carp is available to purchase from The Lodge.
Do not sack the Grass Carp at any time. As we all know, Grass Carp are not the strongest of the carp family and are prone to stress very quickly. This is for the welfare of the fish.
Only our particles and mixes can be used here. Available at The Lodge for a minimum cost (please let us know 24 hours in advance).
All plastic and artificial baits are forbidden.
Please return unused bait to The Lodge on your departure. Do not throw it in the lake or on the bank.
Barbecues are not allowed.
Stalking is allowed, but no pre-baiting.
Pike fishing is only allowed during the pike season but you can fish different species of fish, please ask the bailiffs.
You must keep your swim clean at all times. You will find plenty of bins provided. For community and ecological reasons you must sort your rubbish (batteries, glass, metal, other rubbish etc).
Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated. Those found fouling their swim will be asked to leave and will not be able to return in the future.
Drive and Survive anglers use the car park at your own risk.
Each angler enters the lake for the purpose of fishing completely at their own risk.

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