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Rules - Domaine de Brocard
Northern France

Rules - Domaine de Brocard

Northern France

On arrival every angler has to show his unhooking mat, his landing net and his weigh sling to desinfect them, to avoid possible carp viruses. Try to have these items ready on arrival.

ESSENTIAL CARP WELFARE EQUIPMENT (without this equipment you won’t get access to the lake)
· Rods. Maximum 3 rods plus one light float or quiver rod per angler. The fourth rod CANNOT be fished with live bait, dead bait, boilies or a bite alarm.
· Unhooking Mat: Carp Cradles or thick mats, min size 30” x 38” (70 cm x 90 cm) and at least 1.5” (4 cm) thick with padded shoulders. Please have a container filled with lake-water to hand for pre-wetting the mat to minimise stress and damage to the fish.
· Landing net: Large, min 42” (90 cm) arms. (Aluminium spreader block recommended).
· Weigh Sling: Large PVC slings only.
. Hooks: Maximum size 2, minimum size 6. Simple pattern barb less only, flattened barbs or bent hooks are not acceptable.
· Chest Waders: Chest Waders are compulsory to land the fish safely.
. Torches: to have both hands available use headlamps only.
· BIVVY/ TENTS. Angler’s shelters must be green or camouflage.
. DESINFECTANT: For treating hook wounds please.
. Bring Flip-Flops for the showers.
Allowed: Running, efficient semi-fixed leads and safety bolt-rigs
Hooklinks have to be weaker then the main link
Not allowed : Carp sacks. Should you be found in possession of a carp sack, you will be escorted from the lake immediately.
uncooked or not entirely cooked particles. These have to be cooked or weakened until the core is soft.
Snab, shock or lead core leaders. The main line must be tied direct to the hook link swivel.
fixed lead systems
Please hold the carp above the unhooking mat when making pictures.
We don’t want to make fishing impossible, these measures are only meant to treat the fish with maximum of respect.
· All fish have to be returned to the lake (NO KILL)
· If you leave your swim you must reel in your rods.
· Please organise your peg (landing net, unhooking mat+container filled with lake-water, video, fotocamera,
weigh sling) so you can return the fish within 5 minutes after having desinfected the hook wounds.
The mutilation of fish is STRICTLY forbitten. Anglers found mutilating fish will forfeit their deposit, further non-compliance results with being escorted from the lake .
· Please respect the tranquillity of the site, and the beauty of the nature within this. National Park. Garbage in the containers next to the sanitary please.
. Headlamps on the pontons.
· The cars have to be parked on the designated parking,
· No dogs, camp fires or barbecues
. Should you wish to secure your bivvy to the ponton you will need cup hooks (nails are not allowed).
· Dumping left over bait into the lake is prohibited.
. On arrival you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit of 50 euros and asked to sign a contract to abide by these regulations.
The bailiff will help you with all your doubts and questions and will help you have an excellent journey.
Anglers found to be breaking the rules will forfeit their deposit, further non-compliance results with being escorted from the lake.

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