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Rules - La Vallée
Northern France

Rules - La Vallée

Northern France

Rules for “Domaine de la Vallée”

1. Each angler should have a valid and payed confirmation.
2. Fishing is allowed 24 h/day - catch & release.
3. 3 rods per angler. Tents and bivvies should be green and/or brown.
4. not allowed: bent hook, Snag, shock or lead core leaders, and peanuts.
5. Feeding, rowing out hook-links and placing markers is allowed with hired boat or own boat. RC Bait boats are also allowed. Please don’t cross the limits of your swim. The use of a boat is at your own risk. The use of top lead is strongly recommended.
6. Allowed rigs: “carp-friendly” rigs (safety bolt rigs), simple, barbless hooks, Nylon mainline (braided mainline not allowed). All hook links should be weaker than the mainline.
7. Every angler should have a large landing net min 42” (90 cm) arms, a big unhooking mat, filled with polystyrene balls, min size 30” x 38” (70 cm x 90 cm) and at least 1.5” (4 cm) thick with padded shoulders, Weigh Sling (Large PVC slings only) and disinfectant for treating hook wounds please.
8. The use of carp sacs is strictly forbidden.
9. The mutilation of fish is STRICTLY forbidden. Anglers found mutilating fish will forfeit their deposit, further non-compliance results with being escorted from the lake. These facts will also be reported to the Police (Gendarmerie) who will retain all the tackle until the case is solved.
10. Catch and release the fish. Transport of specimen is forbidden.
11. No caravans or campers.
12. You can drive to your swim to unload and load your tackle, but the cars have to be parked on the designated parking.
13. Please respect the tranquillity of the site, and the beauty of the nature. Please use the containers and the sanitary building with respect.
14. Open campfire is not allowed but camping-gas and barbecues are.
15. On arrival you will be asked to pay a refundable deposit of 50 euros and asked to sign this contract to abide by these regulations.
16. Arrival: 10 AM. Departure before 10.00 AM.
Between 21.00 h and 07.00 h it’s not allowed to drive on the site with your car.
17. The bailiff will help you with all your doubts and questions.
18. The general management is not responsible in case of accident, theft, fire or other cases.
19. All damage caused to the “Domain de la Vallée” installations will be charged to the responsible person.
20. These regulations will be signed by each angler to abide by these regulations.

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