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Rules - La Brie
Central France

Rules - La Brie

Central France

- Unhooking mats must be dry before using them on the lake
- Band rigs, 360 rig and Ronnie rigs (spinner rig)
- Main line 15lbs min 20lbs max
- No fixed leads
- No leadcore
- No naked rigs
- No shock leaders
- No shelf life Boillies. Freezer baits only
- All Pellets must be purchased onsite
- 250g of tiger nuts per angler per week
- No caravans on the swims
- Speed limit on track 5mph
- No carp sacks ( retaining slings can be used only for max of 10 minutes)
- 3 rod limit per angler
- Salt is banned
- Manufactured Barbless hooks only.
- All particles must be soaked and cooked until core is soft
- The swims and lake must be kept clean
- No dumping bait in lake or woods before you leave
- Dogs are allowed but must be kept under control at all time and all dog mess is to be cleaned up.
- Use on site boat at your own risk
- All anglers must pay a €50 deposit. This will be refunded on departure providing you have not damaged anything or broken any rules.
- Respect lake and fish
- No standing up with carp for pictures they must be held over unhooking mate or in the water. This could result in a ban from all lakes.
- Any type of aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated
- No mutilation of fish
- No braided main lines
- All anglers must have medicare to treat hook marks.

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