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Rules - La Saussaie NEW!
Northern France

Rules - La Saussaie NEW!

Northern France

Anglers will only be allowed on to the lake after 1pm on the day of arrival. Anglers must be off the lake by 10am on the day of departure.

All vehicles must be parked in the car park. Vehicles will be allowed around the lake briefly on Saturdays to load and unload tackle at the swims. Please unload, return the vehicle to the car park and then set up. Keep all vehicles off the grass and use the turning point.

Showers and toilets are free for the anglers to use, use them! Please ensure these facilities are left clean after use. Report any damage or faults to the bailiff/owner immediately.

No cutting or pruning of any plants, trees or vegetation.

We monitor the growth and health of the carp. When taking photographs, take a photo of both sides of the fish, if possible and record the weight.

We provide large unhooking mats. Please provide your own landing net (42″minimum), large flotation weigh sling and carp care kit.

Absolutely NO sacking or retaining of fish.

All fish must be lifted from the water using a weigh sling. (Never lift a fish in the net.) Make sure all fins are flat against the body of the carp before lifting it out of the water and always put the carp back using the weigh sling.

All anglers must have carp care kits and use when ever necessary. Any fish damage must be reported immediately to the bailiff.

All particle baits, seeds and maize etc. must be purchased at the lake. Anyone found bringing these on to site will be told to leave it with the bailiff and collect at the end of their trip.

All nuts and peanuts are prohibited

Bait boats are allowed subject to sensible usage. It’s possible to rent a bait boat on site.

Use of rowing boats is allowed. There are boats available. Life jackets are mandatory. Anyone found not using a life jacket will no longer be able to use a boat.

A maximum of 3 rods per angler, which must not be left unattended.

Rods must be fished within the boundaries. To indicate the boundaries of your fishing area, a lake map has been created.

No braided line, braided leaders and NO lead-core. Minimum line – 15lb breaking strain – safety rigs only.

Only micro barbs are allowed, not smaller than size 6.

No Long-curve hooks, Fox series 5, Long Shank Nailers or other long bent or set hooks.

Fishing is permitted from marked swims only. Bivvies must be erected on the gravel areas only. ‘Buddy’ bivvies between swims are not allowed.

Weekly maintenance of grass, trees and swims will be carried out to ensure the good upkeep of the lake.

No swimming – No fires – No defecating around the lake. Drunkenness, antisocial, threatening behaviour etc. will not be tolerated.

Dogs are not permitted.

Offenders will be asked to cease fishing and leave the lake.

We want everyone to have a great holiday. Please keep in mind that sound over the water carries far.

By booking you are deemed to have accepted these rules. If in doubt, please ask.

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