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Lovely lakes good facilities and a great and efficient team at Fishermans Holidays.
Lovely fish as well.
Our stay was great apart from the fact that the advertised wifi was not working and despite being told it would be fixed on the Monday it never was
A lovely lake in beautiful surroundings. A great stock level which still produced even with the exceptionally hot weather. My fourth time on this lake with friends and I will be back next year.
Unfortunately due to very prolonged hot weather the lake was not as producing as much as normal. If you check the catch reports that as soon as the rain came it kicked off big time. The venue itself is very well kept, the bailiff is good and only a phone call away if needed in a hurry. I have been several times and will be there again next year.
Fishing was hard not mutch lanaded. could do with some type of food on site
Got held up at Dover for 6 hours and arrived late,missed the bailiff ,so no bait.The bailiff arrived on Monday and we got some bait but not what we had ordered.managed to catch a couple of fish even though they were spawning in the bays either side of us.As we were leaving the bailiff came out with a box containing all the bait we had ordered.
We lost the last 2.5 days worth of fishing due to the owner deciding that the weed was an issue, when it wasn't. We were not told that weed cutting was going to happen prior to our trip, we were told on the day; this cause great disturbance to the lake and fish meaning we were unable to fish during this time, very disappointing
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