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Rules - Vaulaurent

Rules - Vaulaurent


1. One angler per swim with a maximum of 4 rods.
2. If two anglers are sharing a swim, there are to be no more than 6 rods in total.
3. Rods must not be left unattended under any circumstances. (swim 6 is set on a pontoon, a receiver for your bite alarms is mandatory.)
4. Each swim has a designated fishing area. In the case of a dispute between two parties, the manager will decide.
5.Landing mats and slings are provided on each swim, please do not bring your own. There are also weighing posts on each swim.
6. It is obligatory to be equipped with a medical carp kit (Like Korda med kit) and must be used when and where necessary.
7. You must be equipped with waders on all of our swims to land your fish safely.
8. Have a bucket of water ready at all times ready for when you land a fish.
9. Fish are to be out of the water for as short a time as possible. Once a photo is a taken, the fish must be released immediately. As per rule A-3, sacking is prohibited.
10. Coated Braided hook links are allowed. You may un-coat your braided hook link from the eye of the hook as long as it is less than a cm long.
11.Braided mainline or lead core are not allowed
12. Fluorocarbon or Nylon safe zone leaders are allowed.
13. Single, micro-barbed and barbless hooks only (sizes 4, 6 or 8).
14. All particles must be prepared and cooked properly.
16. For sanitary reasons, only boats from the property are allowed. The use of personal rowing boats and Zodiacs are strictly forbidden. Rowing boats are available for rent on swims 1 and 2 and are for daytime use only. Rowing boats are to be used for baiting up and dropping rigs. Use of personal electric motors and echo sounders are permitted. Life jackets are mandatory.
17. Bait boats can be hired on-site.
18. Any type of compressed air bait throwers are forbidden. Spods and similar are allowed in moderation.
19. Use of projector halogen lights are not permitted. For the comfort of other anglers.

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