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Rules - Vaulaurent

Rules - Vaulaurent


A general resect for nature, the fish, your fellow anglers, the owner and so on is the only way to make your holiday and everybody else's a great succes.
Max. 3 rods per angler. The one-man swims can have 4 rods.
No barbed hooks. Micro-barb is allowed. Use only coated underlines.
If a (small!) fire is made in your designated area, you are obliged to have a bucket of water next to it for safety. Please take your responsibility, as you will be held responsible.
No dogs allowed.
Bait boats are allowed, please respect the markers that clearly show the limits of your swim.
Boats can be used solely on swims 1 and 2, and only during the day (between sunrise and sunset).
Cars can stay on the swim, except for swims 3, 4 and 5.
Upon arrival you are welcome as from 13h AM. If you are earlier, you can wait in the clubhouse where coffee is available.
You are expected to leave the swims before 12h AM

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