Lago di Salasco

13040 Salasco, Italy
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  • Lago di Salasco

    13040 Salasco, Italy
    17 ha
    40,4 kg


    Lago di Salasco
    17 Hectares - 42 Acres
    Max. Anglers
    4-10 m
    800 carp
    Record commoncarp
    890 km from Calais
    gravel with some silt
    are easy to reach by car.
    Price per angler
    175€ per week
    Price for non-angler
    50€ per week

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    Fancy a change from the usual holiday trip to France? Like the idea of Italian carping but don’t know where to go? How about a lake that’s new to us, Lago di Salasco.
    The lake is actually very well known among local anglers – not least because it contains the biggest carp in Italy, ‘Il Toro’ which weighs in at around a very healthy 40kg (88lb). ‘Peppa Pig’ is the second biggest carp in the venue and that regularly also turns the scales at around the 40kg (88lb) mark.
    The lake is nestled in the foothills of the Alps, roughly central between Milan and Turin, and is next door to a golf complex and is a short walk from an excellent  restaurant. The nearest airport is Malpenza (Milan) and both Easyjet and Ryanair fly to this destination. The lake is around 70km from the airport.


    Salasco is a former gravel pit and has many of the features typical to lakes of this style. It features a mainly hard lake bed with a thin layer of silt. The lake has a constant water flow due to several underwater springs which feed the lake and keep it well oxygenated.
    Depth-wise, the lake drops down to around 10m with lots of shallower areas of around 4m. There are no snags and virtually no weed to cause problems. Dotted around the bank are 16 swims, all doubles, and there is good vehicle access. The banks are open and spacious and reeds fringe the shallow margins. Groups of anglers can book swims adjacent or apart and  anglers can book the double swims even if there is only one angler fishing in it. We advise to book a swim per angler as the price is very low. You pay for 2, but you have a lot more space to get the big one out.
    Dogs are allowed and the complex is gated so between 7pm and 8am the gates are locked. Boats and bait boats are, however, not allowed. here is not much shade on the swims, so be prepared.

    As mentioned above, Salasco is home to really big carp! There are known to be at least 15 fish over the 30kg (66lb) mark, 90 fish between 20kg (44lb) and 30kg (66lb) and all this is backed up by a very healthy natural stock of carp between 10 and 20kg (22-44lb). The stock is a great mix of mirror and common carp with a few leather carp around for good measure and there are also some Wels catfish to over 100kg (220lb), sturgeon between 40-45kg (88-99lb) and even grass carp to over 22kg (48lb). Top all this off with the famous ‘Il Toro’ and his mate ‘Peppa Pig’ who both turn the scales at around the 40kg (88lb) mark and you can see that this water is not your usual holiday carp venue, but a specialist anglers dream!


    As a quality venue you’d expect Salasco to have some good facilities – and you won’t be disappointed. There is a sanitation building with two toilets, two showers (2€ charge for showers) and washing facilities to keep you healthy and clean and there are fridges and freezers for food and bait. Of course you can always treat yourself to meals at the excellent restaurant if you wish.

    As many anglers arrive by plane, there is good quality tackle hire available and for only 10€ a day you can get the following: bivvy, bedchair, rod-pod, rods, net, mat, cooking materials, table and chair. All you have to bring is your personal clothing/sleeping gear, reels, bite alarms and end tackle.
    Airport transfers can be arranged (100€) and in the village of Germano (4km) there is a bakery, butcher, chemist and pizzeria/restaurant. Slightly further away is the town of Vercelli (8km) and here you will find larger supermarkets, a branch of Decathlon, and larger shops and restaurants. A small compulsory insurance charge of 3,50€ is payable upon arrival.

    A range of bait is available to purchase such as boilies (7-8€ kg), canned maize (4€), hemp (2,50€ kg) and tiger nuts (3€ kg).
    As far as home comforts are concerned there is even a pizza delivery service right to your swim and every swim has a bike to use, completely free of charge! You might have some noise from the motorway according to the direction of the wind.



    1. The angler should bring a valid booking confirmation.
    2. It’s allowed to fish 24 hrs per day - catch and release
    3. Boats & baitboats not allowed.
    4. Swimming is forbidden.
    5. Allowed rigs: “carp friendly” rigs (safety bolt rigs), only micro barbed hooks (size 4, 6 & 8) and nylon mainline. The hooklink may be stiff or braided, but should allways be less strong than the main line.
    6. Not Allowed: carp sacs, bent hooks, braided mainline, peanuts. Lead Core is not allowed. Rig tube is allowed.
    7. 3 Rods per angler. Bivvies and tents should be brown or green.
    Each angler should have a big landingnet with a min. size of 90 cm and a big unhooking mat (min. 4 cm thick, 60 cm large and 90 cm long), a big weigh sling and Klinic to disinfect the hook wounds.
    8. Fishing is only allowed on the booked swims.
    9. Please return the fish carefully to the water
    10. Marking or steeling fish will be reported immediately to the local Police (Gendarmerie).
    11. Alcohol abuse and drugs are not tolerated.
    12. Please respect the nature and the tranquillity of the site. Keep clean the sanitary building and the swims. Please separate waste in the designated containers.
    13. Dogs are allowed. Open fire is not allowed. Gas cookers and barbecues are allowed.
    14. The owner can keep the refundable payment if you don’t respect the regulations
    15. Arrival before 13:00h.  Departure before 11:00h.
    16. The owner and the bailiff can check the hooklinks at any time.
    17. The owner is not responsible for theft, fire, injury or what so ever.
    18. Each angler should sign the regulations declaring that he/she accepts them.


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