Pascale Lake one-off discount

16 May 2019 -

Pascale Lake, the most sought after lake of the Goncourt Complex, is available on July 6th 2019 and also on August 10th 2019. The regular price of the lake is €2900 (£2500), but we can offer this week with a one-off discount: €2500 (£2200) for the week exclusive!

Fish Stock

Stock 130/150 carp
Lake record 72lb 13oz mirror
Lake record 65lb 8oz common
Average weight 42lb
Good stock of 50lb fish with over 30 breaking the 50lb barrier
7 known fish over 60lb
2 known fish over 70lb

Lake Facilities

7 acres - 2.8 Hectares
3.5 hour drive from Calais
Depth 1 to 4 meters
5 boats on site
5 anglers maximum
Bait delivery available
Manicured surroundings
Secure site
Accommodating up to 5 anglers
Lodge with home comforts
Cabin with facilities
WiFi (Optional) 40 euro per week
Flatscreen TV
Gas fire
Fridge & Freezer
Fully Fitted Kitchen

Please contact me personally to book this week, send an e-mail to