Summer at Iktus: at least one 65lb+ per week

15 August 2016 –

"I send to you some nice catchs from both lakes the last 2 months. All carps here weighted from 24 kg to 30 kg+, we're happy for our angler that we had at least one sixty caught EVERY WEEK, and even often several ones.
Carps are still growing fast and we expect minimum 5 or 6 mirrors above 30 kg this season !
Sorry, we don't have the pics of the two 2016 carp records (28 kg for Iktus Sturgeon; 31,8 kg for Iktus Carp), but you 'll see our new carp koï record at 17,1 kg, stunning fish !
Of courses, Iktus Sturgeon produced again a lot of big sturgeons and new records, 55 kg+ for beluga, 80 kg for Transmontanus (several > 60 kg), etc...
We're happy to announce that Iktus Sturgeon will be open all year long from now, even by winter.
Best regards
Jérémy" Owner at Iktus

  • Summer at Iktus: at least one 65lb+ per week
  • 24,5kg
  • common carp
  • 26kg
  • 24kg
  • 27,8kg
  • 20kg
  • 27,2kg
  • 29kg
  • 26,5kg
  • 30,8kg

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