Etang 5

Pontpoint, Francia Norte
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  • Etang 5

    Pontpoint, Francia Norte
    41 hectare
    38,9 kg


    El Lago
    Etang 5
    Oise (Picardie)
    Todo el año

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    Etang 5 : Thanks for respecting entire rules…

    ·       Arrival & Departure : Arrivals from 12pm  to 3pm only
    ·       Departures from 11am to 12pm only
    ·       Vehicular Traffic : Authorized only from 11am  to 3pm
    ·      Fishing : Catch and release onl
    8 double swims (2 anglers per swim)
    3 rods per angler
    1 single hook (barbed, size 4 mini. adviced)
    ·       Nylon: 0,40mm mini. (0,50mm adviced)
    ·       Braid: 0,20mm mini.(with 10m mini. in nylon in 0,40 mini.)
    Leacores forbidden (rig tube allowed)
    Inline leads forbidden
    Live baits forbidden
    Bright markers forbidden
    Boat (motor / echosounder) strongly adviced and baitboat allowed
    ·       Fish care : Thick and large sized mat and large landing net adviced
    Constant monitoring of rods
    Sack stricktly forbidden (sling authorized for short use)
    Time between catch and release must be as short as possible
    Taking pictures in water is allowed and adviced
    Fish must be handled with the greatest attention and caution
    Any mutilation of the fish will be immediatly punished
    by a direct and definitive exclusion without any refund
    with invoicing at the level of the undergone damage
    and legal proceedings
    ·       Environmental concerns and Mutual respect : Any degradation forbidden inside the property,
    in and out the water
    Fire on the ground only on delimited space
    Life jackets compulsory
    Bathing is forbidden
    Any noice pollution forbidden
    Please respect the sorting of Waste
    ·       Boat : The use of a boat by anybody involves the fact that
    -        The user read all its instructions and all information attached to its use (same for any equipment to use)
    -        The user is in full capacity to use the boat
    -        The state of boat will be controlled
    -        Mini. 1m90, inflatable boat adviced
    -        Motor and echosounder are strongly adviced
    -        The boat always has to be under your control
    -        It is forbidden to go beyond the swim limits
    -        Always keep an eye on your position on the water, take several visual landmarks
    -        Be careful to the way wind blows and adapt your direction (you can easily be puched to another swim if you do not control your boat)
    -        2 persons maximum in the boat at the same time
    -        Keep the adapted and coordinated movements, take your time (if you have a run, it is not necessary to be rude with the rod, keep the minimum necessary contact with fish)
    -        Be really careful with standing in the boat
    -        Waders are strongly forbidden in the boat (drowning risk)
    -        Avoid taking the boat with big winds
    -        1 life jacket per person compulsory
    Any breach of boat rules is very stupid and also expose you to the ban on using the boat anddepending the case the immediate and definitive exclusion
    ·       Fish respect : Use a thick and large mat
    Use a large net (50’)
    All fish care tackles must be prepared before you put your rods in the water
    If you have fish, think of wet all fish care before  you put the fish in contact with them
    In the boat: Use a mat
    If your lead did not drop, take it off
    Unhook the fish immediatly
    If the fish is more than 20kg, keep it in the net on the way back to the swim
    Be careful with all tails  and make sure the fish has always the best position
    Their head must always be in the same way you drive the boat
    (their gills could be seriously damaged)
    During picture
    Never leave the fish alone
    We allow a sling while you are preparing all fish care tackles before taking pictures in best conditions
    Keep a bucket full of water next to you to wet the fish
    Be careful with their cumous, avoid too many contact
    Be careful with the tails, keep them in good position to not damage them
    Do not hold the fish high
    If the fish is nervous and moves too much, hide their eyes
    Best position to take picture: you sit down cross-legged and lean on your knees
    Picture in the water is adviced
    Please remind that any bad fall could be fatal for the fish


    ETANG 5 will not be held responsible for the condition of the used boat(s) and it's user(s) in any circumstance. Lifejacket is obligatory for every user at all times.

    Every person staying at Etang 5, is fully aware of the above rules and do accept them without exception.


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