18 april 2015 –

The Queen van 27,5kg werd weer gevangen op Lac de Grosley.

"catchreport grosley 11-4 tm 18-4 2015
bonjourrrrrrrrrrr people!!!!!!
lovely week on grosley. hot weather, big fish. bbq and again a lot of fun!!
the fish where really active this week and for the first time this year we go over the 100 fish!
also is the lake record caught from the small lake. a whopping 56.1 LB!!
time for the catchreport, enjoy the weather cheers!
ps: psv supporters gefeliciteerd!!!
mirror - 98 fish biggest 56.1 LB
commen - 10 fish biggest 40.04 LB
koi - 3 fish biggest 31.24 LB
steurgeon - 19 fish biggest 46.2 LB

bonjour bonjour.
here the catreport from last week. 18-4 tm 25-4
little bit late but better late then never

it was a good week, a lot of big fish again and we have a 'new' carp in the 25kg plus range!! welcome fish!
mirror - 119 fish biggest 56.76 LB
commen - 13 fish biggest 37.4 LB
koi - 2 fish biggest 25.3 LB
steurgeon - 19 fish biggest 70.4 LB" Lodewijk, Lac de Grosley

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