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I have been bitten by a tick. What should I do?

When you go carp fishing in France or in the Netherlands, you're in direct contact with nature. Ticks live in areas with long grass and can bite you. The most important thing to do when you find a tick on you is to remove it with a tick removal tool or with a set of tweezers. Make sure you've removed the tick's head or mouth parts. Clean the bite site with water and apply an alcohol-based hand sanitizer or alcohol.

Contact your doctor if you have fever, drowsiness, aching muscles, or a headache within 6 weeks of a tick bite. In France, the main disease transmitted to humans by ticks is Lyme disease. A tick has to be present on the skin for approximately 36 to 48 hours to transmit the infection. Many people with Lyme disease have no memory of a tick bite.

Protect Yourself from Ticks

To protect yourself from tick bites when carp fishing in wooded and grassy areas:

- use repellents
- wear clothes that cover the body
- inspect your body after walks
- immediately detach attached ticks using a tick remover, thin tweezers, or your fingernails (never use ether or similar products)
- disinfect the wound