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The terms and conditions apply the agreement made between the owner/leaseholder of the lake and the tenant. Fisherman Holidays BVBA is the middleman that established the contact between the owner/leaseholder of the lake and the tenant.

1. The journey: The tenant has the right to use the swim, according to the regulations of the lake, during the period mentioned in the agreement between both parties. Outside this period the tenant has no right on the swim.

2. The booking: The booking is made through Fisherman Holidays BVBA, the middleman, but the agreement is made between the owner/leaseholder of the lake and the tenant. If the tenant suffers any kind of injury or damage caused by the conditions of the swim or the lake, he can only claim the owner/leaseholder of the lake.

3. Deposit: a deposit of 50% of the total amount is paid within 10 days weeks after booking (on-line payments are credited during the payment process). The rest has to be paid max. 8 weeks before arrival. If you book less than 8 weeks before arrival, the total amount has to be paid within 7 (seven) days. If these payments are not settled as mentioned, Fisherman Holidays BVBA can break the agreement unilaterally.

4. Property. We control each lake on a regular basis. In case certain things differ from our description or if there is damage, you should mention this immediately to the owner/leaseholder. The problem will be solved quickly. Complains made after the journey, won’t be accepted anymore. The tenant must respect the property and leave it in the same conditions as when he/she arrived. Damage caused to the swim or the property will be charged to the tenant. The owner/leaseholder has the right to hold back the refundable payment when these conditions are not respected.

5. Refundable payment. The tenant must pay on arrival a refundable payment. The amount and the payment instructions are mentioned in the agreement. The owner/leaseholder has the right to deny the access to the lake or the swim if the tenant doesn’t comply with this condition. When the tenant has caused any damage to the property, the owner/leaseholder has the right to withhold the refundable payment.

6. Time of arrival and departure: It is important that you strictly respect the times of arrival and departure as mentioned in the agreement.

7. Number of allowed persons. The number of allowed persons on the swim can not be higher than the amount mentioned in the contract.

8. Cancellations. The deposit WON'T BE REFUNDED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. The tenant will have to pay the total amount when cancelling less than 8 weeks before arrival. In case the tenant leaves earlier than the normal departure date, he/she has no right to claim any money.

9. Responsibility: Fisherman Holidays BVBA cannot be held responsible by the tenant or other parties for any damage or injuries caused during the journey.

10. Cancellation by Fisherman Holidays BVBA: if Fisherman Holidays BVBA is forced to cancel the journey, caused by force majeure, Fisherman Holidays BVBA will contact the client as soon as possible to offer a similar lake. The client has the right to accept or not accept this offer. When you don’t accept this alternative offer, the agreement will be broken and the tenant has no right to claim the amounts paid to fisherman holidays.

11. Complaints: An observed failure to fulfil the agreement must be communicated on the site to the responsible person, in order to solve the problem accordingly. If this failure cannot be solved in a reasonable time, the tenant has to communicate the situation to Fisherman Holidays BVBA.

12. Litigations. All litigations between Fisherman Holidays BVBA and the tenant are subjected to the Belgian Law. Only the Court of Bruges is competent in these litigations.


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