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A rey muerto, rey puesto 24 enero 2018

Artículo sólo disponible en Inglés - The King is dead, long live the King! is a traditional proclamation made following the accession of a new monarch in various countries. Well, we're using this seemingly contradictory phrase to simultaneously announce the "death" of Nautica and assure continuity by presenting Etang Neuf and Etang Rys. Read on and find out what happened.

Indeed, this saying goes for Guillaume's lakes. He had to shut down Nautica because the owner wasn't willing to fix the dam which was in very poor conditions. In the event the dam would break, Guillaume would loose all his fish, but, which is worse, floodings would put the life of the people in the region in danger. He explained us a couple of days ago that the decision was easy. So he drained the lake and released the Nautica stock into his two brand new lakes: Etang Neuf & Etang Rys.

Both lakes are part of a massive 2500 acre private hunting property called Saint-Augustin located in Château-sur-Alier, central France. If you pass the entrance of the property you will get a special feeling. The old oak forest, the quietness, the deer everywhere, the wildlife, the nature. If you arrive at the lake this feeling gets even stronger. You realise that you may stay here for a week's fishing, such a wonderful feeling!

He netted the lakes, kept the original stock and restocked the lakes with the fish from Nautica. Etang Neuf has an area of 17 acres and will have 180 carp between 20lb and 60lb, whereas Etang Rys is 20 acres and will have 200 carp.

And... last but not least... don't miss this STUNNING luxury loghut in swim 1 at Etang Rys! It features two bedrooms, a brand new kitchen with everything you need: dishwasher, watercooker, microwave oven, etc. There is a beautiful bathroom, a livingroom and a big deck, with the best view over the lake. When we visited the holiday home we all said: this is where I'll bring the misses & the kids this summer! Check out the pictures, you'll understand why :-)