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Etang de Brigueuil vangsten Frankrijk 05 april 2018

Hier is een kort stukje dat Tracey van Etang de Brigueuil ons opstuurde over het karpervissen op haar betaalwater in Frankrijk.

7 April - "So some lovely fish out last week. To add to the stories told already, Rich was back on swim 11 this time with son Paul, his first time here. Paul managed to beat his pb of 32lb with his second fish that weighed in at 35lb. Then made doubly sure with the next fish, a cracking 53lb 12 common. Following up with 2 over 40 to 47lb 14 his average for the week also beat his old pb, a fantastic 40lb 9oz. Rich also did well with 3 fish over 45lb to 49lb, 13 fish between them all on tiger nuts. Over on swims 7&8 Michel and Ton fished with Mainline Cell and finished on 16 fish, 10 over 30lb, 3 over 40lb and a 54lb common. The weather conditions were poor at best so respect to everyone. In all, 40 fish caught, 17 over 30lb, 3 lower 40’s, 14 over 45lb including 4 over 50lb, to give an overall average of 37lb. awesome."

14 April - "some rotten weather again this week, more rain! But the lads battled on against adversity! And what a week they had. 40% of the fish out were over 40lb. Already mentioned was Wim’s new Pb with his first fish, and he and Eric on swim 11 followed it with 14 fish on a mixture of tigernuts, or krill pop ups. We have already shared some of Wouter’s photos from swim 8, he and Peter also had fish to 45lb. Graham and Gary on swim 10 had 6 over 30lb and 2 40’s to 48. The young lads, Sam, Yannick and Geoffrey on the chalet swim had an amazing week for 17yr olds, the like of which they may never see again with 5 fish over 44 including mirrors of 56 and 58lb on fruity boilies. The best swim though was swim 4 where 2 french lads had 8 fish, 3 40’s and 3 50’s 5o 56lb on garlic boilies giving them an average weight of 45lb! Total 42 fish, 11 40’s and 6 50’s. get in! Photos to follow."