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Overzicht vangsten op Etang de Brigueuil High Mill Lake in Frankrijk 25 mei 2018

Hier is een overzicht van de vangsten op Etang de Brigueuil, ook bekend als High Mill Lake in Frankrijk:

17/05/2018: "A quick catch up on events here over the past 3 weeks. At the end of April with some nice warm weather the fish sort of started spawning, then weather changed and they stopped again. Still a bit early for us here but stranger things have happened and its always possible. But some nice fish came out that week, 14 over 40lb and 4 over 50lb, on Mainline Cell, our Yellow Dream and tiger nuts, a lot of pop ups and wafters in use this week with good results. marco and Franc on peg 11 had 14 of those fish to 51lb, Steve on peg 8 also had fish to 51lb, new pb for Dan on peg 9 with a 55lb, Linden and Matt on peg 10 had fish to 47lb. But top rod this week was James in the chalet finishing on 19 fish including 7 over 40lb and a 51lb 4. 33% of all the 54 fish were over 40lb giving an overall average for the week of a little over 36lb.

Then the first week in May with the cold weather coming in again at least overnight, all thoughts of spawning were gone completely. The chalet produced 5 fish in the first evening for Pete and Kev with a 47, 54 and 57lb amongst them, then nothing for the rest of the week after the fish went up the other end for some warmer water may be. Dave also did well the first few Nights on peg 2 using pop ups with carp of 47, 49, 49, 48 and 45lb amongst the 8 he had. Shawn and Darren on pegs 9&10 also did well with a mew pb for Darren with a high 30 and a pb mirror for Shawn at 55lb, using his own RBA baits, spicy krill on a snowman. French guys Cyrille and Guillaume up on peg 8 did well too with 10 fish, 3 over 40 and a 51lb again on meaty boilies popped up. Spanish boys David and Jordi on peg 11 had the best average at 35lb having had 10 fish on tigernuts, including 4 over 40 and a 54lb 5oz. 48% of fish out this week were over 40lb, including 5 over 50lb so well done lads.

So for last week, 5 to 12 May, some lovely hot weather, even a few red bits around the lake, prompting a new rule, all fit blokes under 30 must now go without a shirt once the temperature hits 22! 😂 . So 41 fish out in total, 44% over 40lb with 15 40’s and 3 50’s. A beautiful mirror out for Andy on swim 4 and a beautiful photo that we cant show you as he is contracted by Fox who want first dibs. So it will follow on later. The chalet produced some nice fish for Nathan with a new pb and a 50lb mirror as his first fish. Following on with 3 40’s to 47lb. On a mixture of wafters and toffee pop ups. Neil and Gary also did well on peg 11, Neils first fish was a 50lb 12 and later in thr week a new pb for Gary with a 43lb mirror on a snowman On a blowback rig. Kees and Jarno on peg 8 fished our yellow dream on chods and ronnys which produced fish to a little over 57lb. Bes5 peg this week though was peg 10 for Nev and Kev who landed 18 fish, 9 over 40lb to 49lb 6oz on Active Bait Solutions‘ Mcnut And a new pb for Kev on his first visit to us. A good week all round."

Tracey, Etang de Brigueuil