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Vangsten Jonchery tot nu toe in 2016 22 april 2016

Vangsten Jonchery tot nu toe in 2016

Catch report from 9th till 16th of April
47 carp landed to over 51 lbs
3 grass carp to 45 lbs
Well done to cliff on peg two for breaking his pb twice

Catch report for 2nd till 9 April
27 fish landed to 7 anglers
Some lovely 50s
And plenty of other big fish
Sweet baits working well out fishing fish baits 10/1

Catch report for 26/3/16 to 2/4/16
50 fish out this week
Biggest 61 lbs
10 x 40s
27 x 30s
A big well done to all the weston bait chaps for a good catch report see you all again next year

19/3/16 to 26/3/16
Strong north wind but fish switched on towards end of the week and 34 carp landed to 47 lbs.
Wind has changed now and this week first day 12 fish been out already