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Carp fishing en Francia con la familia 01 marzo 2018

Artículo sólo disponible en Inglés - Not every carp angler has the time to visit waters purely for fishing. Very often the angling has to be combined with a family holiday with the actual fishing being done at night or just for part of the day. How do you keep your family amused? Read on …

Choosing a lake to visit with your family can narrow down your choice somewhat but there are plenty of carp fishing venues in France around that are family-friendly. If you are confident campers then this will make life easier as many waters will allow you to set up camp on the bank so you can fish straight out of your front door. However, it’s a lot easier to choose venues where some sort of accommodation is available and, these days, there are some fantastic fishing waters that have excellent facilities for families. By checking carefully you can find everything from caravans to log cabins, gites and even houses and chateau to stay in, so if you need to take the family along then there’s plenty of choice.

Take a look at the selection of carp fishing venues on our website. You’ll find several that have accommodation suitable for either groups of anglers or families but that’s not the end of the matter. Once you’ve arrived at the lake you’ve got to find a way to keep the family entertained. Below are a few suggestions for making your carp fishing holiday one that the whole family will enjoy.

1: Don’t travel too far. Kids and cars don’t usually fare too well so it may be best to choose a lake as close to the Channel port as you can or, if you’re travelling by air, is not too far from the airport and either offers a collection service or has car hire available. High Mill Lake (Etang de Brigueuil), for example, features a great holiday home (swim 12) and isn't far from the Limoges Airport. ... and the owners organize transfers from and to the airport if you want.

2: Check out the accommodation. There are more lakes available these days with good accommodation than ever so it’s not a case of ‘roughing it’ any more. If you are taking your family with you it’s probably wise to choose a lake that has good accommodation rather than the ultimate in angling!

3: Keep them occupied! Check out what there is to do for family fun in the area. It’s no use having the best carp fishing in the world if the family are bored to tears – none of you will enjoy the holiday. There are plenty of venues around that are close to family attractions, with beautiful towns to explore close by. For the non-fishing guests there’s plenty of activities at Iktus for example, such as horse riding, golf, tennis, squash, bowling, karting, shopping malls, etc. And the Pyrenees are only 30 minutes away from this carp venue in southern France.

4: Remember it’s a holiday! Don’t forget that, whilst you may want to fish 24/7, your family probably won’t so take time out to ‘rest’ the swim while you take the kids out for the day. You can always fish at night when the rest of the family are in bed, so set yourself up with a schedule of when you are going to fish and when you’re going to have family fun.

5: Don’t take it too seriously! As we’ve said above, it’s a family holiday, so give them as much time as you can whilst making sure that the angling doesn’t suffer. The fishing will probably be best during the early morning and late evening so why not fish until 10am, then take a break for a few hours, then start again in the evening. You will probably find that, by baiting up during the day then leaving the rods on the bank whilst you go out for the day, that the fish will be ready and waiting for you when you return.