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Carp Fishing Holidays in France

Reviews from our customers

  • Tico - Jonchery, Northern France

    we caught 28 fish all in all a great week and the bailiff Mark is the best you can have i october we get back in the car to jonchery

  • David - Jonchery, Northern France

    A first class lake, very good facilities, great food package and a very helpful bailiff with some good condition carp

  • Phillip - Domaine de Brocard, Northern France

    Love Brocard , Frank is great , a nice clean venue in great surroundings with some great fish . Always catch when I come with some good results if you get it right

  • Matthew - Villedon, Southern France

    Great week with plenty of action.

  • Paul - Goncourt - Robin Lake, Southern France

    Great complex fishing was hard when we where there 40 degrees ever day i’ve fished Robin lake three times already and got next year booked as well fantastic lake would recommend Robin lake to anyone and also all the lakes on the complex are fantastic

  • Peter - Vaulaurent, Brittany

    Just a brilliant fishing holiday

Popup setup with maggots

How to make pop up rigs for Carp fishing

Pop up rigs are a vital rig used in Carp fishing. This is because although we would like to think that in every Carp lake there will be a nice clean clay or gravel spot for you to position a bottom bait this isn’t always the case.

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News & stories About Carp Fishing in France

What months are best for carp fishing in France?

Although you can go carp fishing in France all year round, some months are better than others. But as general rule of thumb carp like mild water temperatures: they won't bit if it's too cold or too warm. Late March, April to mid-May are great months until the carp start spawning. It's hard to predict when the carp will start to spawn because this depends entirely from the water temperature. The summer is also good, but carp don't like extremely hot weather. In September, October and November the water temperature starts to drop and this is when carp feed heavily to prepare for winter time.

You will of course catch carp at other times of the year. Lakes located in southern France with mild temperatures will also fish well during winter.

Can you fish in France without a license?

If you fish on a public lake you need a fishing license. But you don't need a fishing license if you fish on a private venue. Most of our venues are private, so you don't have to worry about a fishing permit. Vaulaurent is our only lake where a license is required but the lake owner will take care of your license (included in the price)

Want to fish on a public water? You can buy your fishing license at local sporting goods stores, cafés or tourist offices. The approximate costs are: one-day permit--10 euros, for one year--60 euros. Children pay less.