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Estas son las carpas más grandes del Etang du Vaulaurent 21 febrero 2018

Artículo sólo disponible en Inglés - Etang du Vaulaurent is the Underdog... or not anymore! This carp lake situated in Brittany between Rennes and Nantes isn't unknown to the carp fishing scene anymore. The carp stock of over 500 carp is growing steadily and the first 30kg+ carp has been landed (66lb+). Read the full analysis of Vaulaurent's carp stock below.

Michel, the current owner of this carp fishing venue, sent us a resume from all the catches from last year. From his information we saw that 17930 kg of fish, which is 39529lb, had been landed in 2017. If you devide this number through the amount of fish caught (1353 carp), you get the average weight of 13kg (29lb).

33 carp were between 22 and 24kg, 21 fish had weight ranging from 24 to 26kg, 12 fish were between 26 and 29 and 1 fish was over 30kg. Stéphane caught this stunning mirror wiht 30kg 600kg (67,46lb).

These figures are quite promising for this coming season and we're confident that 3-4 more carp will come close to the 70lb barrier. We'll keep you posted :-)

Below you'll find pictures from Vaulaurent's biggest fish and also the report from the 2017 carp fishing season.

For more information visit Etang du Vaulaurent.