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Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre, Carentoir, Brittany


Saint-Nicolas-du-Tertre, Carentoir, Brittany
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Lake Description

About 250 years ago monks dug Lac de Vaulaurent to breed fish. And what a location they picked to do this! A magnificent valley, with several natural flows of water supplying the lake with fresh water non stop. Michel and his wife Cécile turned this marvellous 12ha (29,65 acre) lake into a carp fishing venue a few years ago. Based on pictures they counted 200 carp at least, and added 350 fish between 2013 and 2015! In general, this lake is in superb condition, with very tidy accommodation and infrastructure plus excellend service, also in English.

The Lake

The venue is located in the most western department of France: La Bretagne. Lac de Vaulaurent totals up to 30 acres of surface, with depths between 1,4m and 3,5m. Tha lake bottom consists of gravel mixed with sand and covered with mud and silt. There are no obsltacles, except for one big rock to the right of swim 4. There is are lily pads in front of swim 5. No catfish.

The Swims

Lac de Vaulaurent counts 8 swims, but no more than 11 anglers will be hosted at the same time. Swims 3,4,6,7,8 can be booked by 1 or 2 anglers, the others can only be booked by two anglers. Groups of three anglers can book 3+4, 6+7 or 8+7.
Swim 5 can only be booked for 1 angler.

On swims 1 and 2 there are cabins for up to 4 people. They have elektricity, heating, water, fridge and small kitchen. There are 2 beds, so you might want to bring a bedchair if you are more than 2 persons. Wifi from the clubhouse is still covering these swims. The cabins on swims 1 and 2 cost 300€ per week.

Swim 5 is a little trickier to reach, but once there you won't be sorry. The view is magnificent, and you are all by yourself over there. The last few meters you'll have to carry your equipment to the swim as a car cannot get there.

A pontoon has been build on swim 6, big enough for 2 rodpods.

Every swim has a BBQ and a fix weigh-sling.

The Stock

What we know: based on pictures, 200 carp were counted before restocking. Between 2013 and 2015 an extra 350 carp were added to the lake! A massive stock of around 550 carp is swimming here... The biggest carp caught was 32,5kg (72lb), a mirror. The biggest common was 22kg. In total 25 mirrors over 20kg are present, and 5 20+kg commons.

Service & Facilities

2 bathrooms (shower/toilet) are available. A very nice clubhouse with freezers, microwave, hot and cold water, heating, small kitchen aso open for all customers. There's wifi on the venue in the clubhouse. For swims 5, 6, 7 and 8: you can rent bicycles if you like.

Baitboats can be rented: 110€ per week.
No need to bring weigh sling & unhooking mat; these are provided on each swim.

A food-package is available, at 168€ per week per person. Included is a breakfast (continental of english) and a complete warm meal incl pudding. On arrival, an extra meal can be ordered in the clubhouse.

A (limited) selection of tackle can be purchased on the venue. This is nothing more than 'first aid'...

Fresh boilies (Urban Baits) are available: 12€/kg and pellets as well: 1,9€/kg.

A doctor, pharmacy, backery, boucher a.s.o. can be found in St. Martin (3min drive). If you want to shop in a bigger supermarket, you can go to Calentoir or Malestroit, 10 minutes away.


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Key points

  • Lake Etang Vaulaurent
  • Department Brittany (Mid-West of France)
  • Open March - December
  • Distance Calais - Vaulaurent: 596km
  • Surface 12ha (29.7 acres)
  • Bottom Gravel and sand with mud
  • Depth between 1,4 and 3,5m
  • Max. amount of anglers 11
  • Stocking 550 between 7 en 33 kg
  • Acces All swims can be reached by car, with the exception of n°5.
  • Price per angler 320€ per week (Sa - Sa)
  • Price for non-angling guest 35€ per week (Sa - Sa)
  • Price chalet swim 1+2 385€ per week, non-anglers included
  • Exclusive booking 3200€ for max 8 anglers (without chalets)
See Vaulaurent rules here >>


We had a great trip at a fantastic lake. The fishing was tough due to low water levels in what is already a shallow water. But we caught some big fish including a PB for me at 60Ib 2ozs. The food and hosting was top drawer.
Zeer netjes
Fantastic lake, truly stunning ……. fished swim 5 a week after spawning and caught steadily through the week with fish up to 54lb. The facilities are the best I've seen in the 15 years I've been visiting France, very clean! Will definitely be going back.
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