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41 nouvelles carpes pour Lac de Cavagnac 07 mars 2017

"Hey Guys !!!!
Time to give you some informations. it was very hard to hold it any longer !!!
We have promised you that we will always make our best so we did again.
It has now been our 3 year that we introduce fish into Cavagnac Lake . We Started with over 180 fish , then add another 72 last year and Now ...
We really wanted to do it again this year as we do want to get this lake to the top in the next coming years. And it s not finish.
Taking over a Lake like this size isn t the easiest thing to do with ups and downs of course .
But Every year we have always decided that we preferred reinvest and always improve our lake by all means.
Our target is to cover the existent generation of fish that we have into a very strong and growing young fish in the next coming years... .
We did again a massive jump and a lot of efforts to give you our best this time too.
This is why i can announce tonight that we introduce another 41 carp into our already impressive record of carp .
But this time we was even more selective on our fish... wait and see some of the photos .
41 carps from 31 lbs / 14.5 kg to a surprise weight that i will give you all within the next couple of days . ;-);-)
We cannot tell you every thing !! We got to keep a bit of BUZZ into it alL. But all we can say it is MASSIVE !!!
Keep following us! Keep posting! Keep liking more and more! And keep commenting our posts ..;
All of us Cannot wait to see you all for our 6th season already !! Cavagnac Lake Carp Fishing?" - David, Lac de Cavagnac