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Lac de Grosley by Richard Makison 25 Oktober 2016

Wir haben gerade eine e-mail von Richard Makison erhalten. Er hat vom 3. September bis zum 10. September mit seine Freunde am Lac de Grosley geangelt (Stellen 17 & 18)

"The photo of the mirror in the water. Eric (the bailiff) thinks it was the lake record at 27kg caught by my self Richard Makison.
Photo at night was 52lb. Photo of common was 52lb. We had 3 fish over fifty and a total of 24 fish all over 30lb had a great week.

The first two days was slow and the carp was not showing only at the far side of the lake.
We started baiting little and often about every two hours, just chopped boilies and a bit of partical mix we purchased from Eric.
When we dropped our bait from the bait boat we dropped it while it was moving to create a large area .
We just used a short rig of about 7" . 3oz lead and back leaded our lines so they were pinned to the lake bed, this paid off and we started to get runs.

We think the larger fish were feeding at the edge of the baited area as this is ware we had our runs and the lager fish.
If we fished in the baited area we hit 30lb plus fish, when we fish at the edge of the baited area we hit the larger fish.

We used quality bait, Mainline 18mm Spicy Crab Also salty squid 18mm. We cut the boilies in half and used half pop up to make a 55 50 wafter., this proved to work as we missed a few fish just using bottom baits.

We will be back as its a great place, good swims, clean, safe and has some fantastic fish all in great condition and very well run by Eric who is a top man." Richard