Etang Neuf

Château Saint-Augustin, Central France
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  • Etang Neuf

    Château Saint-Augustin, Central France
    7 ha


    Etang Neuf
    All year around
    Distance Calais- Etang Neuf
    560 km
    17 acres
    sand and gravel
    uptill 3,5 meter
    Max. number anglers
    200 carp between 9-31 kg
    All swims are accessible by car
    Price per angler
    300€ per week
    Price per non-angler
    70€ per week
    Exclusive booking
    1800€ (6 angler)

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    Etang Neuf is situated on a huge private hunting property named Saint-Augustin. Situated in the area around Château-sur-Alier in the middle of France this new lake has been rented by Guillaume Rousselet, the owner of other well-known lakes like Etang Furet & Etang Rys. Since taking over the lake he has netted the venue and made four comfortable swims.
    Upon entering the property you will be transported to a very special world. With ancient forests and total peace and quiet, deer and wildlife abound and you will feel at one with nature. Once you arrive at the lake the mystique gets even stronger and the realisation that you are making your home here for a week’s fishing is such a wonderful feeling.

    The Lake

    With 17 acres of water and only four swims for a maximum of six anglers, Etang Neuf will tick all the boxes for many carp anglers. The bottom of the lake is composed of sand and silt and there are no snags. Depths range from 60cm to around 3.5m in the middle of the lake. There is no weed growth, no catfish, no sturgeon and only some mussels and crayfish. Anglers are allowed to use a baitboat and rowing boats can be rented upon arrival. Anglers are not allowed to use their own rowing boats.

    The stock

    Etang Neuf has never been fished before and a recent netting revealed some very welcome surprises. Small carp were removed and all the big carp over 10kg were returned to the lake, along with some new stock which now consists of 250 commons and mirrors between 10 and 31kg (approx. 22lb to 66lb). 

    The swims

    Swims 1 and 2 are single swims in the right corner of the lake. Swims 3 and 5 are double swims. Etang Neuf is the ideal lake to book exclusively by 4 to 6 anglers. Anglers can use three rods each and sensible rules apply. Micro barbed hooks must be used. Tigernuts may not be used as free bait but can be used as hookbait. There is a car park upon which cars must be left after unloading.

    Sanitary and service

    There is a building with a comfortable shower, a washbasin and a toilet. Everything is quite new and fittings are of good quality. There is electricity to charge your batteries and a fridge, a freezer and WiFi are available. A supermarket is within five minutes of the lake and Guillaume goes to the bakery for you every morning to get your bread and croissants. Guillaume also offers a food package and he has boilies and particles available to purchase. He will rent you a boat for 100€ per week and bicycles for 35€ per week. Overall we think Etang Neuf is Just the perfect place to spend a week and catch some nice carp!



    1. The angler should bring a valid booking confirmation.
    2. It’s allowed to fish 24 hrs per day - catch and release
    3. Only rented boats from Guillaume are allowed. You may use your baitboats.
    4. Swimming is forbidden.
    5. Allowed rigs: “carp friendly” rigs (safety bolt rigs), only micro barbed hooks (size 4, 6 & 8) and nylon mainline. The hooklink may be stiff or braided, but should allways be less strong than the main line.
    6. Not Allowed: carp sacs, bent hooks, braided mainline, peanuts, tigernuts. Lead Core is not allowed. Rig tube is allowed.
    7. 3 Rods per angler. Bivvies and tents should be brown or green.
    Each angler should have a big landingnet with a min. size of 90 cm and a big unhooking mat (min. 4 cm thick, 60 cm large and 90 cm long), a big weigh sling and Klinic to disinfect the hook wounds.
    8. Fishing is only allowed on the booked swims. 
    9. Please return the fish carefully to the water
    10. Marking or steeling fish will be reported immediately to the local Police (Gendarmerie).
    11. Alcohol abuse and drugs are not tolerated.
    12. Please respect the nature and the tranquillity of the site. Keep clean the sanitary building and the swims. Please separate waste in the designated containers.
    13. Dogs are allowed. Open fire is not allowed. Gas cookers and barbecues are allowed. 
    14. The owner can keep the refundable payment if you don’t respect the regulations
    15. Arrival before 13:00h.  Departure before 10:00h.
    16. The owner and the bailiff can check the hooklinks at any time.
    17. The owner is not responsible for theft, fire, injury or what so ever.
    18. Each angler should sign the regulations declaring that he/she accepts them.



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