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Carp in France

In this feature we will talk about carp in France and first we shall explain the characteristics of carp fishing in France. Then we shall explain the most important tips and things to think about before fishing (including techniques and materials) and finally there will be information about the accommodation options near lakes that allow you to combine holiday and fishing together for a great experience.

Generally, the weight of carp in France does not exceed 10 kg for a size of one meter. Although it is possible nowadays to come across specimens of 20 or 30 kg, and in some exceptional cases to catch carp up to 40 kg! From a scientific point of view there are around 1500 species and subspecies of carp in France, but these are mainly composed of just few species such as common carp or mirror carp, leather carp and koi carp white love.
Most of the carp in France are a wary fish and these fish live in shoals in the calm waters, ponds, rivers or lakes. They are gregarious fish that like to live in troops with individuals of similar size.

Just as in certain areas of any European country where gravel or sand extraction has taken place, many of the lakes that we now visit on our adventures carp fishing in France were dug in the search for materials for building roads, homes, railways or infrastructure. For instance, the Marne valley in the Champagne region is home to dozens of lakes, all around the valley floor where gravel and sand, deposited in the ice age, could be extracted. Likewise on the outskirts of major cities such as Paris there are vast areas of water, all shaped like the fields that were originally on the land. These individual fields were sold for sand and gravel extraction – and they were all stocked with fish as part of the natural regeneration. It is true to say that France is literally awash with lakes, all full of carp. Take a look at the area around Vitry-le-François if you need proof of this. This area, in the Champagne-Ardenne region, is very popular with anglers from all areas of Europe looking for carp-angling holidays in the many lakes that surround the rivers of the area.

Choosing a fishing area for Carp in France isn't an easy decision. Factors come into play that can determine the quality of your catch and so your choice should take these into account. These factors are:

• Season: Spring, summer and fall are considered by most of the fishermen as the most favorable seasons for the practice of fishing for carp in France. Departures are generally more numerous and more common: it's time to get out the rods and spend more time at the water's edge.
• The climate of fishing for carp in France is an important factor. It is generally advisable to study the weather for the future sessions in order to prepare the material in the best conditions.
• The evaluation of the water temperature is also important because it will allow you to estimate the carp’s feeding habits. This type of fish has a digestion time that depends numerous factors such as temperature and the oxygenation rate of the water.
• Knowledge of the regulations in the region or department: The regulation of the carp fishing in France in 2015 allows you four (4) lines per angler. Only plant-based baits are allowed. For example, carp fishing in France allowed 24 hours/day in 2015 is not allowed in all locations.

Equipment for the carp fishing in France: It mainly depends on the granted budget. Certainly 3 carbon rods aligned squarely on a brand new rod-pod facilitates fishing, but the main keys to success are often in the fish’s location and understanding their habits. Good equipment makes fishing easier and pleasant but it is not everything!

For beginners, you can expect to use the following equipment as a minimum:

• A fishing rod with a length of 3.6m to 3.9m, including a sufficient number of rings and a power range between 2 ½ lbs and 3 lbs can meet the fishing conditions.

• The reel is important, and you must choose a model with a size and weight that are in harmony with the pole. A reliable and accurate brake is also recommended but a rear brake is more convenient.

• The landingnet: It is important to choose a robust model, as big as possible.

• Hooks and rigs are large and have an influence on the catch. Be sure to select them.

• Rod-pod and electronic bait alarm that make your life easier during your fishing sessions.

For those who like to mix holiday and fishing, there is an interesting formula that might please you! In some places of France, it is possible to rent cottages that are near quality, private ponds that will allow you to enjoy the beauty of the accommodation, and enjoy the quality of the fish in the pond. Our site FishermanHolidays offers these kinds of cottages; we have selected two that deserve a look.

In addition, Lake Cavagnac is located in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Aveyron area in southern France. There are about 600 carp that inhabit the lake, each weighing between 10 to 36.6 kg. There are 18 spots to accommodate a maximum of 25 fishermen. Fishermen, theoretically, have about 1 hectare of water at their disposal, which is optimal.