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Le Pondy, Central France


Le Pondy, Central France
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Lake Description

Camalo is located in the Cher, only 30 minutes south of Bourges (Central France). Surrounded by large expanses of forests, fields and spectacular landscapes, the 14 acre carp fishing lake has only 4 double swims. The VIP swim features a chalet. All swims are situated on the northern bank. There are woods on the southern banks that provide some overhanging trees onto the lake. Managed by Guillaume, a professional fish farmer, Camalo has a spectacular carp stock that has been completed with the carp from Guillaume's former venue Etang Neuf at the St. Augustine property. He believes that one out of two carp caught at Camalo will be over 40lb. There are at least 25 carp over 50lb and 3 over 70lb!

Key points

  • Lake: Camalo
  • Departement: Cher
  • Open: All year round
  • Distance to lake: Le Havre - Camalo: 453km
  • Surface: 14 acres (5,5 hectares)
  • Bottom: Sand, some stoney areas, silt pockets
  • Depth: 4ft-11ft deep (1,3 m - 3,3m)
  • Max. Anglers: 6
  • Stocking: 250 carp
  • Lake record: 71lbs (32kg) mirror
  • Access: All swims have car access
  • Price per Angler: 320€
  • Price per non-Angler: 90€
  • Lake Exclusive: 2000€
  • WIFI: No
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