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Chantecorps, Les Châteliers, Central France


Chantecorps, Les Châteliers, Central France
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Lake Description

Located in Western France, Etang des Châteliers has it all. A young French couple bought this property in 2014 and since than they invested a lot of time and money to make a top venue of this 24 hectares (60 acres) lake. And they succeeded. Everything is done to the highest standards: the swims, the clubhouse, the sanitary facilities, the stock, the holiday house and the charming welcome. It ticked all the boxes. We can warmly recommend this lake.

The lake

The shape of this 60-acre lake is not a normal one. At the entrance you will see a broad piece of water which after that widens in 2 long legs, which are almost 1 km each. At the end the legs become narrower and more shallow. The water there is covered with lily pads and weed beds. This is a favourite place for carp. The bottom of the lake is sandy, with some silt and some rocks made of granite. The depths are varied and in some places the water is 3,5 meter deep. On the banks and the swims there are nice old oak trees, which can be very useful in the summertime. There are no poisson chat (=small catfish) but there is crayfish. The carp stock is around 750 fish in the range of 22-59 lbs. Besides that there is some grass carp, roach and pike. At the entrance there is an new clubhouse with excellent sanitary facilities.

The swims

The swims are divided very well over the lake. You can hardly see each other. Swim 1 and 2 can be booked by 1 angler each, but all the other swims are double. Swim 2-4-5-6-7-8-9 can only be reached by boat. So you must have a boat, preferably with an electric motor. There are 2 boats for rent on the property, and electric motors. Swim 1-10-11 can be reached by foot. Every swim has its own bbq, handmade by the owner. Swim 11 can be fished by 3 anglers.

Sanitary facilities and service

The sanitary facilities are excellent. There are 2 shower units and a wash basin. The WC is in a separate building. All brand new. In the clubhouse there are 2 fridges and a freezer for the anglers. Batteries can be charged. The local baker comes around 10.00 o'clock with fresh bread and croissants. The owner makes his own high quality fresh boilies which he sells to his clients for 10€ per kg. He also sells fish- and wheat pellets. Boats can be hired at 40€ per week and with e-motor for 80€ per week. The charming lady of the house, Madame Delphine, comes every day to the lake to see if everything goes well. She speaks English, French and German.

Sold on site: Organic Baits, the brand of Châteliers for boilies, pop up, boosters, tigernuts etc. Only the Best! Mail us for more information.


Holiday home

This domain has a holiday home

Key points

  • The lake Etang des Châteliers
  • Department Deux Sèvres (79)
  • Open end march - end november
  • Distance Calais - Châteliers: 625 km
  • Surface 54 acres
  • Bottom sand, silt and some granite rocks
  • Depth 1 à 3,70 m
  • Max. number anglers 18
  • Carpstock 750 (10 - 26+ kg) record 27,8 kg
  • Weed at the end of the arms (p 4-7-8)
  • How you reach the swims 1-10-11 on foot, rest by boat
  • Price per angler 300€ per week (sat-sat)
  • Price non-angler 50€ per week
  • Holiday home 400€ per week
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Great hosts and a very pleasant stay. Water level was very low in September, so the fishing was slow in swim 5. Moved down to swim 1 & 2 for the last night and picked up a few bonus fish. Would love to come back and have another go.
The water level was very low when we fished Chateliers last September. We had booked swim 5, which is a great swim with lots of water, however the fishing was quite slow, Averaging 1 fish a day each. For the last night we moved up near the dam, and had several fish each. Lovely lake, great hosts and would be really nice when the water level is up.
Excelent sejour, super accueil, tres beau site, le calme
Désque possible on va retourner
Merci beaucoup au patron et la patrone pour ces moments inoubliable
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