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Chef de Ville
Armentières-en-Brie, Northern France

Chef de Ville

Armentières-en-Brie, Northern France
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Lake Description

Chef de Ville

With an area of 18.5 acres (7.5 hectares) and a total length of 645 meters, Chef de Ville offers a wide range of opportunities for carp fishing. Each swim has unique features. This gem located north of Paris boasts a large fish stock with carp up to 27kg (60lb). Chef de Ville is an excellent venue for lake exclusively bookings for smaller groups up to 8 anglers.

The Lake

Chef de Ville is an 18.5 acre elongated carp lake located in the Seine et Marne department. Because the River Marne runs just behind the propery, the water level is very stable, even in the summer months.

Depths vary between 2 and 6 metres (6 - 20 ft). The bottom of this former gravel excavation consists mainly of clay and gravel, with a few obstacles here and there. There are several areas with weed and also some snags that provide the necessary shelter for the carp. ... and very tempting spots too!

The Swims

The lake features eight swims. Seven swims are on the southern side of the lake and one (swim 8) is on the easternmost point of Chef de Ville.

Each swim is easily accessible by car and has a car park where you can leave your car during your stay.

The new owners have done their utmost to make each swim unique, spacious and comfortable. They have carried out the necessary groundwork to make each one level. On a higher part, the bivvy can be installed on the gravel and a bit lower, the rodpods can be placed. Comfortable wide steps connect the different levels.

The front part at the entrance to the venue, at swim 1, is the shallowest (3 to 5 metres). From here, the entire left-hand corner - where the carp rest - can be fished, as well as the bank and the overhanging trees in front of the swim.

Swim 2
is a spacious swim with a beautiful view over the whole water. There is a large plateau with some algae and also some snags. Depths range from 3 metres to 5.5 metres.

Swim 3
is also a big swim. The distance to the opposite bank is over 120 metres. Fairly even bottom with no significant obstacles. Depths from 3 metres to 5.5 metres.

Swim 4
in the central part, has depths from 3 metres to 5.5 metres. Here the bottom is somewhat irregular with several plateaus where the carp like to come and feed. Beware there is a snag on the bottom.

Swim 5 is a higher swim with great views over the water. The other side is just over 150 metres from swim 5. Depths from 3 metres to 6 metres.

Swim 6
has an irregular bottom and several plateaus. Some weed zones along the shore. Depths from 3 metres to 6 metres.

Swim 7
has the same irregular bottom with some plateaus. The banks are known resting places for carp. Variable depths from 3 metres to 5 metres.

Swim 8
is isolated on the eastern bank. This swim enjoys great views over the lake. This swim has a large area of weed and water plants. It is 2 to 5 metres deep. From Swim 8 it is possible to fish the small island.

Carp Stock

Chef de Ville has an extensive carp stock with common carp, leather carp, mirror, koi carp and grass carp. As the water was just taken over and had been unfished for years, we do not have a clear view of the carp stock. The heaviest common so far weighed 24kg (53lb) and the lake record is a magnificent 27kg mirror (60lb). There are also large grass carp up to as much as 32kg (70.5lb). We are sure that soon some new spectacular fish will come out soon.

There is no poisson chat or crayfish so you enjoy undisturbed carp fishing.

Service & Amenities

Antony is present at the property all day and is always available to help or advise guests. He speaks French and English.

In the middle of the venue - right behind swim 3, a new cosy clubhouse has been built with a kitchen, a seating area, a terrace and the sanitary facilities. A fridge, a freezer and a microwave oven are at customers' disposal. You can order breakfast and dinner there or just have a drink together. Antony will make everyone feel at home.

The new sanitary facilities with WC and shower are also located here. In the clubhouse and sanitary facilities, there are plenty of sockets to charge batteries and mobile phones.

Boats are also rented out. Please note, for now, there are 2 boats available. So secure them early enough.

In the village of Meaux, less than 10 km from the fishing lake, there are several supermarkets, restaurants, bakeries, Decathlon, petrol station, etc. For those who want a day trip to Paris: in less than an hour and a half's drive you are on the Champs-Élysées (if the traffic is good...). By train you'll be at Gare de l'Est in one hour.

Key points

  • The Lake: Chef de Ville
  • Location: 77440 Armentières-en-Brie, France
  • Department: Seine et Marne
  • Distance from Calais: 286 km (3 hour drive)
  • Area: 7,5 hectares
  • Carp Stock: Unknown carp stock with fish up to 27kg (59.5 lb)
  • Anglers: Maximum 8 anglers
  • Depths: 1 - 6 meters
  • Obstacles: overhaning trees, some snags
  • Weed formation: some weed formation near the margins during warmer months
  • Access: All swims have car access
  • Wifi: no
  • Price: 250€ per angler (Saturday to Saturday)
  • Lake exclusive: 1790€ for up to 8 anglers
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