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Domaine de Bouxier
Beaulon, Central France

Domaine de Bouxier

Beaulon, Central France
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Lake Description

Domaine de Bouxier

Domaine de Bouxier is located in the Auvergne: one of France's hidden treasures, a region of beautiful valleys, large expanses of coniferous forests, and spectacular views. Set in a stunning, picturesque and tranquil location, this private lake has plenty of interesting features. Domaine de Bouxier is a 52 acres lake (21 hectares) with only 7 swims, dotted on the 3 sides of the lake. Its stock consists of 30's, 40's, 50's and 60's; the lake record is a 70lb mirror (31,8 kg). Each swim features a wooden chalet which has a table and two chairs. Access is excellent around the lake and vehicle access is allowed.

The lake has a sandy bottom with gentle slopes that run down to the middle where it’s about 3 meters deep. There are no snags or weed beds. Domaine de Bouxier is a great venue for those carp anglers that are looking to be closer to nature with some comfort.

The Stocking

Before 2008, Domaine de Bouxier hadn’t been fished for 20 years. During this period the original stock could grow and expand in a natural way. The lake opened doors for carp fishing back in 2008, which immediately gave a few surprises. The lake has been restocked several times since then with carp between 33lb (15kg) and 46lb (21kg). The restocking created competition for the food in the lake, with the result that the original stock started feeding on boilies, particles and other bait.

The lake has a nice head of 30’s, 40’s and several 50’s. The lake record is a 70lb mirror (31,8 kg). During this winter, the owner will most probably restock his lake with some more big fish. Apart from carp, there’s a natural stock of pike, silverfish and catfish. There is some crayfish and Poisson chat.

The Swims

The lake owner agreed with Fisherman Holidays that only 7 swims will be fished by a maximum of 14 anglers. The swims are doubles, but the anglers can also book a swim for their own. Swims 1, 2 and 3 are situated right at the entrance and close to the facilities. Swims 4+5 are on the left side of the venue. There is plenty of room between the swims so the other anglers won’t bother you. All swims have car access and you can leave the car next to your swim. Swim 1 can only be booked with the holiday-home included.

Service and Facilities

At the entrance of Domaine de Bouxier, there's a nice reception with a brand new small tackle shop. Here you'll find boilies, pop-ups, liquids, particles, pellets, hooks, line, weights, markers, glasses... (only cash payments for the moment). The reception also features 4 fridges, 1 freezer and 6 charging points for your batteries & cell phones.

The showers and toilets are at the entrance of the venue. They are quite new and well kept. Here you can charge your batteries and mobile phones.

Each swim has a polyester rowing boat. You can also bring your own boat.

Boat rental is 30€ per week: €30 EUR; Boat with Minnkota e-Motor & 2 batteries: €100 EUR per week.

5 kilometres from the lake, there are shops to buy food and drinks.

The bailiff visits the lake every now and then to check if everything is ok.


2 Anglers on 1 swim (3 rods per angler): €325 EUR per angler (Winter price: €225 EUR)
1 Angler per swim (4 rods per angler): €375 EUR per angler (Winter price: €275 EUR)
non-fishing guests: €60 EUR

Holiday home

Gevel huis

This is the Domaine de Bouxier Holiday Home For those who would consider leaving the bivvy at home this year: there is a magnificent 4-5 person holiday home (gîte) available on Etang de Bouxier. Up to 5 guests can stay here, all modern commodities a...

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Key points

  • Lake: Domaine de Bouxier
  • Department: Allier (Auvergne) - Central France
  • Open: March - October
  • Distance: Calais - Bouxier: 620 km
  • Area: 52 acres (21 hectares)
  • Bottom: sandy - clay
  • Depth: 2-3 metres
  • Carp Stock: about 700 carp, 15lb - 70lb
  • Access: All swims have car access
  • Prices: from €325 EUR per angler (Winter price: €225 EUR)
  • Price non-angler: 60€ per week
  • Holiday home: 625€ per week
  • Lake Exclusive: 5100€ per week, up to 14 anglers
  • WIFI: No
See Domaine de Bouxier rules here >>


The only moan I have is the rules state all nuts are banned so I left a bin full of prepared tigers at home. Crayfish destroy your hook baits so fishing bare hooks for two days !! Tigers are allowed so bought some locally and caught some cracking fish
great week
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