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Carp fishing at Goncourt - Robin Lake
Cloyes-sur-Marne, Southern France

Carp fishing at Goncourt - Robin Lake

Cloyes-sur-Marne, Southern France
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Lake Description

Robin Lake at 14 acres offers the anglers fishing here a complete Goncourt experience in terms of the strains of fish stocked in its water. It has traditional looking French mirrors, some heavily scaled Great Lake fish to well over 40lb and a few Common carp thrown in for good measure. The lake contains over 300 carp up to 66lb 4oz and contains an incredible amount of 30lb fish which are dark “traditional” English looking fish due to the clarity of the water. The lake caters for up to 6 anglers on an exclusive booking basis only and has seen anglers continually returning to this venue over the years for it’s stunning looking carp.

The Lake & Swims

The lake has a surface of 14 acres (5,7 Hectares) freatures a central island which gives anglers a diversity of features to fish to, from marginal shelves from the side of the island right up to a shallow area less than 3 feet deep. the lake contains gravel bars, gullies, silt areas and weed beds which give the carp plenty of areas to visit and feed. The lake is also a stalking paradise with an ample amount of place to tuck yourself away watching your target fish take the bait right under your nose. The lake has 6 swims, 2 swims at each end of the lake and 2 located centrally.

Robin Lake also contains Koi Carp to 34lb, Grass carp to 50lb plus and pike to 30lb plus. The current record carp is 66lb 4oz.

Service & Facilities

At one end of the lake you will find a 4 birth mobile home which has all the “mod cons” fitted for your use over the week of your stay. Customers are asked to bring their own bed linen and towels as these are not supplied. The duvets and pillows are supplied by Domaine De Goncourt for your use. Outside you will find a wooden table and chairs for your social evenings while watching the incredible sunsets over the lake.

The use of boats are permitted but you must use a life jacket at all times when using a boat. Bait boats are also allowed on this water.

On site pellets and boilies are for sale. Pascale, the bailiff visits the anglers every day. Fridays, the anglers can order pizza which will be delevered on the lake.

Key points

  • Lake Robin Lake, Domaine de Goncourt
  • Departement Champagne
  • Open mid march - mid november
  • Distance Calais - Goncourt: 359km
  • Area 14 acres
  • Bottom gravel with some silt
  • Depth 2,50-2,80 m
  • Maximum Anglers 6
  • Stocking over 300 carp up to 66lb 4
  • Access All swims have car access. You can park your car at the swim.
  • Exclusive Price €2450 for up to 6 anglers
See Carp fishing at Goncourt - Robin Lake rules here >>

Rules - Goncourt - Robin Lake

Southern France

Please read the lake rules carefully, if any angler is found to be breaking the rules, they will be removed from the complex without refund. Our lakes have legal night fishing, no crayfish, no poisson chats.


"The rules set out below are here for the safety of my customers and also of the beautiful fish that swim within the lakes. These rules are laid out to make sure everyone visiting Domaine de Goncourt have a safe and enjoyable fishing holiday. I want my customers to return each year and see the fish have grown, benefitted and prospered from the rules set out below. Thank you for your cooperation." Pascale Briallart"

Domaine de Goncourt does not allow the use of any type of nuts on the complex. This includes commercially prepared nuts and particles. This decision has been taken on a fish welfare basis along with poorly prepared nuts and particles by anglers that have been used in the past. If we find anyone using nuts on the complex then the whole group will be asked to stop fishing and leave the complex. No refund will be given due to this rule being broken by the a party member.

1, All anglers must meet at the lake you have book no earlier than 12.00pm on the Saturday of arrival. Cars must NOT be parked in front of any farm gates or block any road access on the complex. Departure time is 10am on Saturday and all anglers must have left the complex by this time. Pascale will arrive before 10am. You must not go onto any of the lakes before 12pm.

2, No anglers will be allowed on the lake before 12pm.

3, Maximum of 4 rods allowed
4, Minimum breaking strain of line is 12lb. We recommend 15lb and above due to the size of the fish.

5, Maximum hook link breaking strain to be 25lb.

6, No lead core or leaders of any kind allowed on the complex.

7, A lead safety system to be used at all times. No fixed leads allowed.

8, Barbless or micro barbed hooks only. No hooks allowed larger than a size 2.

9, No bent hooks allowed on the complex.

10, Adequate unhooking mats are are required and also a water bucket must be available at all times to keep the fish wet while out of the water.

11, No sacking of fish at anytime.

12, We would ask that the fish kept out of the water for the minimum time possible.

13, Anyone found marking fish will be liable under French law for prosecution.

14, It is advised you have a fish care kit available. We recommend good Koi care products such as NT Labs Wound Seal and Ulcer Swab

15, No braided mainline allowed. Braided lines are available for use when fishing for catfish only. This will only be allowed when using live or dead baits.

16, ALL NUTS are banned within the Domaine de Goncourt complex. This includes commercial pre packed particles. No shelf life Boilies to be used on Domaine de Goncourt, only fresh Boilies allowed.

17, All unwanted bait to be either taken home or put into the unwanted bait bin at the end of the week. This will be used during the winter months as a supplement to pellet feed that is used. PLEASE DO NOT THROW UNWANTED BAIT INTO THE MARGINS.

All the above in bold please.

18, No rods to be left unattended at anytime.

19, All boats are used at you own risk. You must bring your own life jackets and these must be worn at all time while you using the boat. Failure to comply to this rule will mean that all the boats will be removed from the lake for that week.

20, Bait boats are allowed.

21, The cutting of trees and bank side vegetation is not allowed.

22, No climbing trees, or removal of branches allowed.

23, No litter to be left on the lake. The swims will be checked before departure.

24, Recycling bags must be used in conjunction with the leaflet supplied on arrival.

25, Toilets must be used in all circumstances.

26, No dogs allowed on the lakes. Dogs may be allowed on request to Domaine de Goncourt management. Owners must clean up after their animals in all cases.

27, We would ask that noise is kept to a minimum whilst on the lakes. Loud music and excessive drinking will not be tolerated.

28, No swimming in the lake.

29, No open fires or ground BBQ's.

30, Any anglers found to be breaking the rules will be asked to leave the complex and will forfeit any monies paid.

31, Children must be accompanied by their parents at all times.

32, The party leader is responsible for all loss or damage that may occur during his/her stay on Domaine de Goncourt lakes. On receipt of booking confirmation it is accepted that these rules have been read and will adhered to by all parties concerned.

33, We at Domaine de Goncourt expect all our angler and guests to behave to the highest standard while visiting the complex. We reserve the right to take appropriate action to any person/persons that have not complied with the rules or terms and conditions set out by the owner.

34, The owner of Domaine de Goncourt lakes accept no responsible for injury, loss, theft, fire or damage to any persons or property owned by the party concerned.

35, A 10€ recycling fee will be charged per person at the complex.

36, Last rule of the lakes. Please come and enjoy yourself, you're on holiday!


Fish really followed the wind and defo fed better on the firmer lake bed areas during our trip. Make use of the boat and I’d recommend using a prodding stick to find the firmest areas. Late evening and early morning seemed the best time for a bite. I’d recommend taking a rake to remove weed directly in front of the swim.
Great complex fishing was hard when we where there 40 degrees ever day i’ve fished Robin lake three times already and got next year booked as well fantastic lake would recommend Robin lake to anyone and also all the lakes on the complex are fantastic

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