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Le Plessis-sur-Vert, Northern France


Le Plessis-sur-Vert, Northern France
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Lake Description

Lac Odyssea is a peaceful 15 acres (6 hectares) carp fishing lake, managed by the team of Guillaume and Eloïse from Furet, Camalo and La Loubière. Surrounded by breathtaking scenery, the venue has a stock that comprises an interesting mix of 300 wild and new big fish up to 30.5kg.

Odyssea is only 3 hours from Calais and ... you avoid driving through Paris, which is an imporant plus. If you're looking for a small exclusive carp lake to book with a group of friends, then Odyssea is an ideal destination for you!

The Lake

Odyssea is a former gravel excavation with an intense history and an irresistible shape that invites adventure. The bottom consists of rocks, clay and some obstacles. There are loads of features and interesting spots! Depths vary between 2 and 6 meters (6 to 20 ft depths). The lake is fead by several ancient rivers and springs that provide abundant oxygen in the water.

The entire venue is closed, providing extra peace and security.

The Swims

Odyssea has 4 double swims that can accommodate up to 8 anglers. They are grass swims with plenty of space.

Tip: Book this water exclusively and fish the whole water with your team from swim 1.

The Carp Stock

Lac Odyssea's carp stock is truly impressive. Although the exact number of carp is difficult to determine as the water cannot be drained, there are estimated to be over 300 carp in the lake.

Odyssea had an existing wild stock. When they took over the fishing water, the operators released 100 large fish: grass carp, large mirrors, commons, koi carp. Guillaume describes the latest stocking as follows:

- 10 carp of 10-12 kg
- 50 new carp averaging 37 lb (17 kg)
- 20 grass carp averaging 30 lb (14 kg)
- 15 new carp over 45 lb (20 kg)
- 3 new fish over 55 lb(25 kg)
- one record fish of 68 lb (30.50 kg)

There is no poisson chat, but there are some freshwater crayfish.

The Service

Boats (70€ per week) and electric motors (70€ per week) are available for hire for those who like to explore the water or for placing off hooklinks. Bicycles are available for just 5€ per day.

The sanitary facilities and services are well thought out and conveniently placed for your convenience. The new sanitary building, including shower, sink, toilet, fridge and freezer, is strategically located behind swim 1, just a 150-metre walk away. There are plenty of plugs to charge your mobile phones and batteries.

On site you will also find a Carp Shop where pellets, bolies, particles, pop-ups, liquids, dips and a whole range of Nash end-tackle are offered at reasonable prices. It is highly recommended to order bait in advance.

Within a 5 km radius of the lake there are 3 supermarkets (Lidl, Carrefour and Proxi Service), a petrol station and several restaurants (including pizzeria).
The nearest hospital is in Dreux, 12 km drive from Odysséa.

Key points

  • Lake: Lac Odyssea
  • Region: Eure-et-Loir, West of Paris
  • Area: 15 acres (6 hectares)
  • Distance: 3 hours south of Calais by car.
  • Open: all year round
  • Depth: average 3 meters. Deepest area is 6 meters deep.
  • Bottom: rocks and clay. Some areas have weeds
  • Max. Anglers: 8 anglers
  • Carp Stock: 300 carp
  • Weed: some areas have weeds
  • Access: All swims have car access and can be parked there
  • Price Angler: 300€ per week (winter ticket: 225€ per week)
  • Price non-fishing guest: 75€ per week
  • Lake Exclusive: 1900€ per week
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