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Domaine de Brocard
Vallentigny, Northern France

Domaine de Brocard

Vallentigny, Northern France
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Lake Description

Domaine de Brocard is one of our most successful venues in France. No wonder the best pegs are already booked one year in advance. This former hunting domain, with a surface of 300 hectares, consists of 3 lakes surrounded by woodlands.

Brocard Small

On the first 20 acre (8 hectares) lake a maximum of 8 anglers can enjoy fishing from 4 pegs. They are situated on the south bank where anglers can fish without any possibility of snagging others lines. The gravel path provides good access to the pegs. The lake features over-hanging trees and reed-lined margins and on peg 1 there are some lily pads on the left side. Peg 1 is the only one-angler-peg of the venue. This first lake is stocked with 360 carp between 10 - 55 pounds. Maximum depth is 2 m.

In the 5 acre nurse-pond, fishing isn't allowed.

Brocard Large

The third lake - often referred to as Brocard Large - has a surface of 40 acres (16 hectares) and has a good access via a gravel path. Pegs 9 and 10 however can have a more difficult access by car when it rains. The bivvies stand on wooden pontoons. With an average of 1.5 m, this lake is fairly shallow. It has a clay bottom with a layer of silt and hardly any obstacles. Between pegs 6 and 7 lies a little island. Swim 12 is located in the shallow area and is great for early spring. Carp like to move to these shallow areas looking for warmer water. The rest of the season, swim 12 is too shallow and to warm to fish.

Just like the first lake, there are over-hanging trees, reed-lined margins and lily pads in several areas. There are neither freshwater mussels nor crayfish. Take into account that there might be some weed formation when the water gets warmer (towards the end of may, june...). Brocard Large is stocked with 500 carp between 10 and 50 pounds. There are catfish and poisson chat.


On the site there is a new bloc with shower, washbasin and WC. There's electricity generated with solar energy for your batteries and mobile phones and there's hot water in the shower.

You are allowed to bring a small generator for your comfort.


Anglers: 300 €/week (Sat - Sat)
non-Anglers: 70 €/week

Exclusive Small Lake: 1700€/week

Exclusive Large Lake: 2900€/week


- 3 Rods per Angler, Barbless hooks, big unhooking mat, large PVC weigh sling, green tents, no braided mainline, no carp sacks
- No boats - Baitboats are allowed
- Dogs are allowed
- Waders are allowed

Key points

  • The Lake: Brocard
  • Departement: Aube (Champagne)
  • Open: March - October
  • Distance to lake: Le Havre - Domaine de Brocard: 428 km Calais - Domaine de Brocard: 407 km
  • Surface: 8 + 16 ha
  • Bottom: Bottom consists of clay and silt. Apart from the lilies there are no obstacles in the water
  • Depth: Max. 1.5 meter
  • Max. Anglers: 22
  • Stocking: 860 carp between 12 and 60 pounds
  • Weeds: possible in summer
  • Access: The swims have good access over a graveled path
  • Price per Angler: 300€ per week
  • Price per non-Angler: 70€ per week
  • Wifi: No
  • PROMOTION: First 3 Months of March: 50% DISCOUNT
  • Lake Exclusive: Brocard Small: 1700€, Brocard Large: 2900€
See Domaine de Brocard rules here >>


My wife booked this as a birthday present, really enjoyed my week on the lake, had my PB. My only negative comments would be swim 4 can only be fished with a bait boat, which I did not have, was lucky that the person who booked swim 3 did not turn up so was able to move, on my second day and was able to spomb bait to desired locations. I did email prior to arrival to find out about bait etc, no reply so only had boilies when tiger nuts were the bait of choice, the Balif was kind enough to give me a large bucket for free. Any other baits were immediately eaten by the numerous tiny catfish in the lake. I’m keen to return to France again but seems most of the lakes are booked, probably due to COVID.
2nd visit and Brocard didn’t disappoint with 6 thirties in a morning amongst our 28 fish week . Frank is very helpful and welcoming and takes pride in his lake , with very clean facilities what more could you want ?
We will be back in the summer so see you soon Brocard.
Phil &Trudi
Well kept lake with some good fish in great condition ,clean toilets ect, happy and helpful Bailiff a very enjoyable stay and will be re booking next year
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