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Grand Fontenay
Cepoy, Northern France

Grand Fontenay

Cepoy, Northern France
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Lake Description

Lac du Grand Fontenay

Like many carp fishing lakes in France, Lac du Grand Fontenay is an old gravel pit with a total area of 22 hectares, which is about 55 acres. The depths vary between 3 and 5,5 meters. The venue hold a fish stock af around 1000 carp and the current lake record is 28kg (62lb). Two swims feature a mobile home and two other swims have a small chalet for 1 angler. There are 14 swims provided with electricity. In the middle of the venue there's an interesting peninsula with 4 great swims. The bailiff lives on the property and is available at all times.

The swims

The lake has 17 comfortable swims with good access. There's a large variety of swims so here's a little overview:

Swim 1: This is a double swim and for maximum 2 non-fishing guests. There's a hut on the swim with electricity, fridge, micro wave and two beds.

Swims 2 & 3: They feature a mobile home and is for 2 anglers and 2 non-fishing guests

Swim 4: single swim. Electricity on the swim (included in the price)

Swims 5-6-7-8-9: singles; no electricity on these swims.

Swim 10: single swim with electricity (included in the price)

Swim 11: single swim without electricity.

Swim 12 & 13: both are double swims with electricity (included in the price) on each swim.

Swim 14: double swim, no electricity

Swim 15: single swim, with electricity included in the price

Swims 16 & 17: single swims; they feature a chalet with bed and are provided with electricity (included in the price)

After you have unloaded you park your vehicle near the reception for swim 15-16-17-1-2-3, or near swim 5 for swim 4-5-6-7, or at the entrance of the peninsula for swim 8-9-10-11-12-13-14.


There's a large fish stock with around 50 carp per hectare which are about 1200 fish in total.The management have done their homework as there's a stunning variety with not only commons and mirrors; there are also fully scales, linear carp, koi, leather & grassies. Every fish has a micro chip and at your arrival you'll receive a chip-reader to identify every fish you land. This way the lake has a perfect view on weight increase, unwanted diseases, etc. The biggest carp weigh around 65lb. There is also some sturgeon, catfish up to 75kg, pike & silver fish. The deeper spots can be found in front of swim 15, very recommendable for those who'd like to target catfish & sturgeon.

Service & Facilities

The facilities & WC are located behind swim 3, and next to the reception another sanitary building will be put in place soon. The mobile homes have their own WC & shower.

There's a small tackle shop on site, and you can rent bikes for 4€ per day. (mobile homes have 2 bikes included in the price)

Holiday home

Key points

  • Lake Lac du Grand Fontenay
  • Departement Loiret
  • Open All year around
  • Distance Calais-Grand Fontenay: 390 km
  • Area 22 ha
  • Bottom hard with some silt
  • Depth 3 à 5,5 meter
  • Weed No
  • Stock 1000 carp 22 - 65 lbs
  • Access All swims are accessible by car
  • Price per angler 282€ par week, 144€ weekend, 152€ midweek
  • Price per non-angler 5€ per day
  • Rent Cabin swim 16+17, electricity included 15€ per day
  • Rent Mobile home, electricity + non-anglers included 60€ per day
  • Winter prices on demand
  • Exclusive Booking: up to -30% discount (22 anglers) contact us for a Quote!
See Grand Fontenay rules here >>


Got cut off at least 5 times with a stag or swan mussels you need braid as your main line.Fish were very small
It was a wonderful week we had by the lake. even though, we did not catch that many fish, it was an experience. The only negative parts about this place, is the bailiff and the facilities. The Bailiff spoke only French and not other languages, making it difficult to communicate (had to use google translate on mobile for this). The facilities are not that good. There is only one real toilet and bath, and not 3 as described on the page. one toilet had been closed and no longer in used. The second was a shed, with a hole in the ground for use, When nature called. Depending on which swim, you are on, there is about 1 km to a real toilet. so using a bike to get around is a good idea, that we used a lot. Bikes can be borrowed on the premises, but they are very small.
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