Brévonnes, Northern France
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    Brévonnes, Northern France
    12 Ha
    29,5 kg


    The Lake:
    Aube (Champagne)
    March - November, swim 7 till 5/12
    Distance to lake:
    Le Havre - Jonchery: 417 km Calais - Jonchery: 396 km
    12 + 2 ha
    Clay with some silt. No obstacles.
    max. 2 meter
    Max. Anglers:
    450 carp between 25 and 65 pounds
    Weed formation:
    all swims have good access by car
    Price per Angler:
    320€ per week
    Price per non-Angler:
    50 € per week
    FROM 4/3 - 23/3: 50% DISCOUNT
    No dogs allowed
    Lake Exclusive

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    Quality lake
    Quality swims
    Total Score
    Feed back: 93

    "Brilliant fishing. great bailiff, Mark couldn't do enough for everyone. swims brilliant. facilities are good. 39 fish including 2x50lb+."

    — Darren, England

    "Our 3rd trip to Jonchery and was the best yet! Already booked to go next June! Thanks "

    — Marcus, United Kingdom
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    Jonchery is an extremely well-known lake. It is an established venue and has a reputation, built up over many years, as a water that is professionally managed, with excellent facilities and, because of its very healthy stock of big carp, it is a water that many anglers return to time and time again. It’s not just in the UK either that its reputation is know as this is a water that is very highly regarded throughout Europe. The whole complex is based around a fish farm and because of this you can be sure that the quality of fish in the water is exemplary. The water is run by UK fishery owner Mark Slade and his family, who live on site and there are around 450 carp swimming in its depths to over the magic 60lb mark.


    Being based around a fish farm for many years, Jonchery has been built up for ease of maintenance and so that the fish could be netted easily. In view of the this the bottom of the lake is flat with no snags or weed. With an average depth of around 1,2m the lake is quick to warm up in spring and, being open to the sunlight, stays warm  well into the autumn months, meaning the fish move around for a lot longer than in some waters. Let’s take a walk around the lake to visit the swims. Swim 1 lies at the northern end of the lake, nearest to the entrance and whilst this is very convenient for the facilities there can be some disturbance from vehicles entering of leaving the venue. Swims 4, 6 and 3 are along one bank and lie in the shade of the afternoon sun so bear this in mind during hot weather. The water shallows up between swims 5 and 3 which is a good place to start earlier in the year as this area does tend to warm up quicker. Swim 7 is actually on the one of the small pools at the end of the lake. The lake bed is soft silt with harder clay patches and the deepest part of the lake is in the bowl around swims 1, 2 and 4 where the water is around 2m deep. Between swims 3 and 5 the water is around 1.2m deep.

    Dogs are not allowed.


    Jonchery is exceptionally well stocked with around 450 carp. There are some truly beautiful specimens of both mirror and common carp with dozens of 30s and 40s to fish for. The maximum size is around 28kg (approx. 62lb).


    There are 7 swims available, all of which are accessible by car for dropping off your gear. After this has been done cars are left in the car park near the entrance. There are also wheelbarrows available if you wish to move swims during  your stay. Swims 1 and 5 are singles, the others are doubles. Swim 7 can be booked by three anglers so you can book this whole area of the lake exclusively if desired. The swims are clean, well prepared and several are built on pontoons so it’s best to bring some cup hooks to secure your bivvy down.

    For Swim 7 (Jonchery 7) click here >>


    There is a separate building with hot running water, showers, toilets and a small kitchen area containing a fridge and freezer. There are ample power sockets for charging equipment and there is also a small dining area. The village of Brévonnes is only a short drive away where there are a couple of restaurants and shops. The good facilities and ease of access would make Jonchery an excellent venue for those who want to take a non-angling partner on the trip.


    Anglers: 320 Euro/week (Sat - Sat) Swim 7 (2 anglers min.): 660 Euro/week
    non-Anglers: 55 Euro/week (Sat - Sat)
    Lake Exclusive: 2700 Euro/week
    Food pack: for 150€ per person you can order a food pack for the week, including breakfast and evening meal for the week.

    minimum 2 Anglers per swim



    1. Unhooking mats and nets, slings must be shown to be dry on arrival (if wet we will dry them)
    2. All shelters, bivvies must be Green or camouflage 
    3. All anglers must pay a 50 euro refundable bond and ask to sign a contract to abide by all fishery rules. This is payed back on your departure.
    4. Unhooking mats must be no smaller than 70cm x 90cm.
    5. Each angler MUST have a large container filled with lake water ready to pre wet mats and slings to minimise stress. Fish must be kept wet while out of the water.
    6. Pvc weigh slings only
    7. All anglers MUST have  carp care  antiseptic for treating hook wounds
    8. Main line Mono only. Min mainline 15lbs. Max 20lbs
    9. Leads must be able to brake away when needed. Leads must not drop off on every bite
    10. Min hook size 6 Max 4. ALL hooks must be Barbless no flattening barbs.
    11. Bait boats are permitted but you must be responsible in there use
    12. All Pellets Must be purchased on site (This is so we know our fish are getting the right nutrition)
    13. All cars once unloaded must be places in the car park there is - No driving around the lake.
    14. There is to be no carp sacks on site not even to dry bait. If you are found to have one you will be asked to leave immediately
    15. No dogs or Fires
    16. Each angler is only aloud to have quarter a kilo of tiger nuts.
    17. No lead core. Lead less leaders, safe zone leaders and tubing are all allowed. One of them must be used as we do not allow naked rigs. Band rigs, 360 rigs, Ronnie rigs (spinner rigs).
    18. Particles must be cooked until core is soft and must be shown to the bailiff. Pellets must be purchased on-site only, you must not bring any other pellets.
    19. No shelf life bait . Freezer bait only. No salt in bait.
    21. All fish over 50lbs must be reported to the bailiff
    22. Please respect your casting area and all other anglers and staff
    23. Boats are not allowed. Only baitboats allowed.
    24. Drinking is aloud but if you are found to be drunk you will be asked to bring your rods in until we see you fit to fish
    25. No dumping Bait before you leave.
    26. The facilities are for every one's use so respect them and keep them clean after use .
    27. Please keep noise down and respect your surroundings
    28. Unhooking Mats mush be ready at all times
    29. All anglers MUST enjoy there stay

    If you are unsure of any thing please ask  bailiff Mark Slade   +33668241965

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