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Goncourt - La Botte
Matignicourt-Goncourt, Northern France

Goncourt - La Botte

Matignicourt-Goncourt, Northern France
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Lake Description

La Botte is our best big fish runs water on the Domaine de Goncourt complex. Stocked with an incredible amount of big carp you may expect some incredible catch reports each week.

La Botte is a 35 acres landscaped gravel pit with a large central island offering each angler a very different area to fish to from their chosen swim. The lake can be booked on either an exclusive basis or by individual anglers giving everyone the opportunity of fishing this incredible fishery which is sure to stay a firm favourite with the army of anglers already fishing it. The Lake contains some very large carp with at least 1 common carp at 66lb 8oz with another 3 60’s to back this up, at least 35 fish over 50lb and well over 120 40lb fish as backup to the already impressive stock. While you are waiting for these to make an appearance there are over 300 30’s which allow you to have plenty of rod bending action during your stay on La Botte. The current common carp and lake record stands at 63lb 8oz.

The venue suits all types of angler from the angler requiring action throughout the week catching the numerous 30’s that inhabit the lake right up to the seasoned specimen angler looking to break their personal best. La Botte contains some very large common carp which are targeted by everyone fishing the lake.

The lake also contains Grass Carp to 50lb, Koi Carp to 30lb+, Pike to 30lb+, Catfish to 183lb and Sturgeon to over 60lb. La Botte is a great venue to enjoy the tranquil surroundings of the Champagne region and get a bend in your rod which just maybe a new PB.

The use of boats are permitted but you must use a life jacket at all times. Bait boats are also allowed on this water.
The lake also contains a true character in the form of one of the two resident sturgeon called “Ricky”. For the anglers who have already fished La Botte he needs no introduction but for those who haven’t, well lets just say I’m sure you will get to know him by the end of the week while you are fishing the lake.

All the facilities you will need are available within the lakes grounds with toilet and shower block near the entrance to the lake. There is also a lodge, which has kitchen facilities plus fridge and freezers to make sure that you bait is kept fresh during your stay on the complex.

Key points

  • The Lake: La Botte, Domaine de Goncourt
  • Region: Champagne
  • Arera: 35 acres // 14 hectares
  • Distance: Drive from Calais - 3.5 hours
  • Maximum anglers: 14
  • Depths: 3ft to 8ft // 1m to 2,5m
  • Boats available: 5
  • Lodge: Yes, with Kitchen facilities, Fridge & Freezer, Toilets & Showers
  • Carp Stock: 350 fish
  • Lake Record: 63lb 8oz common
  • Lake Exclusive: 4000€ (Winterticket is 1700€) per week.
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Sehr empfehlenswerter See. Es war ein sehr luxeriöser Angelurlaub, mit Dusch und Toilettencontainer alles sehr sauber ! Sowie ein tolles Holzhaus mit Mikrowelle und Kühlgefriekombination. Pascal die Besitzerin war sehr nett und jederzeit für uns erreichbar Wir werden bestimmt wieder dort buchen. Wir hatten Schuppenkarpfen 25Kg und 24kg Spiegelkarpfen 24Kg 18kg 10kg Grasfisch 15kg 8 Welse die grössten 180cm; 218cm sowie 12 Karausche und keine Brassen.
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