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Carp fishing at Cavagnac
Bournazel, Southern France

Carp fishing at Cavagnac

Bournazel, Southern France
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Lake Description


Cavagnac is nestled in the Aveyronnaise Valley just outside the village of Bournazel. A beautiful location with a stunning Renaissance castle, as its centrepiece. If you are looking for the fish of a lifetime then you really need to take a look as there are carp up to 78 lbs swimming in its depths! Without this, the lake itself is set in breath-taking surroundings and you will quite possibly see deer coming to drink at the water’s edge. The whole woodland setting around the lake and the open fields are alive with all types of wildlife.

The lake is also known as Bournazel Lake and is fairly large at around 52 acres (21ha). From Calais it is around 8hrs 45 mins (560mls/902km) and if you are travelling by car there are several routes you can take. The lake is managed by David and his brother Arny, who both speak fluent English and Spanish. On offer are both drive and survive and fully inclusive packages. The lake has a long history and was originally used as a coarse fish breeding lake, being drained every two years to remove stock. The carp were kept in the lake and have bred successfully over the years resulting in some classic French carp of huge proportions!


At 52 acres and with 3 large bays and 2 smaller ones, the lake has a perimeter of around 3,200m. It has varying depths ranging from shallow margins and bays up to around 5m (15ft). The lake is fed by several springs, including one underground spring which emerges into the middle of the lake. The lake itself is classed as a heritage area because of its ecological status and historical landscape. There are 18 swims, most of which are capable of taking two anglers, and a maximum of 25 anglers fish each week.


Big lakes need good fish stocks and Cavagnac is no exception to this rule. The lake is home to around 1000 carp with over half weighing in at 40 plus. The lake record is a massive 78lbs. That’s huge by anyone’s standards and the stocking is a mix of lovely commons, mirrors, fully-scaled and leather carp which are quite rare to find. Of course, with a lake of this size the fishing cannot be classed as easy but there are usually a few 40s caught each day and several 50s each week. There is also an impressive array of other coarse fish including large tench, pike and zander. There are also grass carp to 57lb but Cavagnac contains no bream, poisson chat, crayfish or catfish.


Cavagnac is a well-managed water with an impressive array of facilities (see below) to complement the well-prepared swims. Most of the swims are capable of taking two anglers comfortably and there are three smaller swims if you fancy time on your own. The swims are accessible via a pathway running around the lake and there are also some swims accessible only by boat (8, 9 and 10). Several of the swims are on wooden platforms so it’s advisable to take some screw hooks if you choose to fish on these, but they can be provided at the lake. All the swims have shaded areas and are surrounded by the mature bankside woodland. There are lots of small beds of lilies around Cavagnac and most swims have access to areas of lilies and all the swims have large areas of open water to fish too.
The lakebed at Cavagnac is largely free from snags, and is made up of soft clay with some harder gravel patches, some soft silt patches and is generally free from weed.

Bait boats are allowed and there are rowing boats available to transport anglers to the swims only accessible by boat and to free up any snagged fish. The boats can also be used for baiting up. Both bait boats and rowing boats, can be hired on a weekly basis and electric motors are also available to hire. The bailiffs are on hand to help transport your gear to your swim on arrival.
This is one lake where you can also bring your dog on holiday check with the rules opposite before you book as they are not allowed in all swims.

All sorts of baiting approaches work at some time at Cavagnac but larger beds of bait with the hookbaits fished to the edge are a proven method. Alternatively small beds of baits or even just a few baits, strategically positioned next to lily pads is also known to work well. The fish are not that hard to spot as they cruise around the lily beds but fish of the size and calibre that are in Cavagnac are not easy to catch and you will need to keep the fish in your area with bait if you want multiple catches.
Bait is available to purchase onsite (boilies and particles) and there is also an array of end tackle and other equipment.
If you want to find out more about fishing at Cavagnac why not visit the bailiff’s page on this website. Here bailiff David Frechou describes how best to tackle this wonderful lake, what baits and tactics to use, and how to get the best from your visit.


As we mentioned above, the facilities at Cavagnac are excellent. There is a lodge area with terrace and dining room and anglers can enjoy their meals outside in the fresh air. Meals can be purchased on an ad-hoc basis for those who visit on the drive and survive plan and there is a full food package available if required. This consists of a full English breakfast, or Continental if you prefer, plus an evening dinner. At the time of writing this package is available at 170€. The lodge sells snacks and drinks throughout the day and there are power sockets available for charging equipment. Anglers can also use the microwave and the fridge in the lodge.
At the back of the lodge is a sanitary block with toilets and showers. These are cleaned and checked on a daily basis.
The Angler’s Shed is something you won’t find on every lake. In here you’ll find fridges and freezers, plus an array of power sockets for charging equipment.

All-Inclusive: An airport pick-up service is available for anglers arriving by air and upon arrival at the lake you will be on the all-inclusive package. You will be given a boat, bivvy, a bed chair, a chair, 3 rods per person, a landing net, a weigh sling, an unhooking mat, 2 carp sacks, a set of scales and even an empty bucket for your baits and bits. Breakfast and evening meals every day and ou will also be provided with a stove and a tea and coffee kit (a kettle, spoons, cups, sugar, milk), and some bin bags for your rubbish. Meals include: a full english or continental breakfast and evening meal cooked by resident chef, Arny. (A sandwich can be ordered for your lunch each morning at breakfast.)

All Inclusive driver: €650 per person
All Inclusive: €698 per person

Finally you will be given a cool box with ice packs. The boat will be supplied with oars but you can upgrade to an electric outboard motorboat, 120 Ah battery and a solar panel.
A baker visits the lake on a daily basis and there are supermarkets 25 minutes from the lake by car. The whole area is very historical and if you fancy a day out the local village of Bournazel has the historic castle to visit and a few shops and bars.


Rowing boats and baits boats are available for hire. Rowing boats cost 50€ per week and these can be upgraded to an electric motor for an extra 80€. Bait, both boilies and particles, are available to purchase along with a basic array of end tackle. Bait orders should be placed 24 hours before they are required.

These are just a few extra services of Cavagnac:

- Anglers may use in the lodge the microwave and the fridge.
- The baker visits the lake every day and can bring you fresh bread.
- Supermarket is 25 min by car from the lake.
- The bailiff will help you transport your tackle to the swim.
- Transfers from and to the airport
- Tackle hire: you can rent a full equipment except reels, bait alarm, sleeping bag and small stuff.
- Boat hire: 50 Euros per week
- E-motor for 80 Euros per week
- Particles are for sale for very reasonable prices
- Fresh Pro-Line boilies


Drive & Survive:

Angler: 349 Euros/week (PRICE INCLUDES: a landing net, a weight sling, an unhooking mat, 2 carp sacs)
Non-fishing guests: 60 Euros/week

boat: 50€ per week
e-motor: 80€ per week
baitboat: 85€ per week

All inclusive Fishing Package:

All Inclusive driver: €650 per persoon
All Inclusive: €698 per persoon

See details above. (If you want to order this all inclusive package, please mention this when booking)

Key points

  • The Lake Cavagnac
  • Departement Aveyron (12)
  • Open: March - November
  • Distance: Calais - Cavagnac: 900 km
  • Surface: 25 ha
  • Bottom: Flat bottom without obstacles (except pads).
  • Depth: 0,50 - 3,60 m
  • max. number anglers: 25
  • Carp stock: 1000 carp between 20lb and 78 lbs
  • Weed: none
  • Acces: swim 1, 16, 17, 18 by car, other swims by boat or on foot.
  • Price per angler: €349 (incl. landing net, unhooking mas, weighsling)
  • Price per non-angler: €60
  • Lake Exclusive: 4550€, for up to 14 anglers
See Carp fishing at Cavagnac rules here >>

Rules - Cavagnac

Southern France

Lac Cavagnac is in a area of outstanding natural beauty, it is important that all guests respect the environment, water, fish and the lake inhabitants. Our aim is to create a relaxing, high-quality venue with outstanding fishing.
Here we will do our best to make sure your your holiday is a memorable one, you will be well looked after in a tranquil atmosphere with plenty of space and water. Our bailiffs are always on hand to help if you need them.


Arrival between 12:00h and 13:00h. A refundable deposit of €50 (Drive & Survive) or €100 (All Inclusive) must be paid upon arrival. The deposit is only refundable if all fishing equipment is returned in full working order as received .
All double swims must be reserved for 2 anglers.
No braided mainline. Minimum main line BS of 15lbs and hook links 25lbs.
Lead core is forbidden on this lake.
Micro barbed hooks only, up to size 2. Bent hooks (long shank curved hooks) are not allowed.
Only safe rigs using a proper lead discharge system, such as safety bolt beads, allowed.
Life jackets must be worn at all times when you are operating a boat.
Drive and Survive anglers must have very good carp care safety kits (unhooking mat, sacks, weigh sling, landing nets). Kits can be provided. See bailiff for details.
Unhooking mats must be used at all times. Do not take fish out of the water until you have all the equipment ready (unhooking mat, sacks, weigh sling).
We have to prioritize some of our bigger fish. We will let you know which ones. These fish must not leave the water until one of the bailiffs has arrived;
Please treat fish with respect, keep handling to a minimum when weighing and photographing your catch and return fish to the water as quickly as possible.
All anglers must have Medi-Carp with them in the event of a fish being injured. Medi-Carp is available to purchase from The Lodge.
Do not sack the Grass Carp at any time. As we all know, Grass Carp are not the strongest of the carp family and are prone to stress very quickly. This is for the welfare of the fish.
Only our particles and mixes can be used here. Available at The Lodge for a minimum cost (please let us know 24 hours in advance).
All plastic and artificial baits are forbidden.
Please return unused bait to The Lodge on your departure. Do not throw it in the lake or on the bank.
Barbecues are not allowed.
Stalking is allowed, but no pre-baiting.
Pike fishing is only allowed during the pike season but you can fish different species of fish, please ask the bailiffs.
You must keep your swim clean at all times. You will find plenty of bins provided. For community and ecological reasons you must sort your rubbish (batteries, glass, metal, other rubbish etc).
Defecating around the lake will not be tolerated. Those found fouling their swim will be asked to leave and will not be able to return in the future.
Drive and Survive anglers use the car park at your own risk.
Each angler enters the lake for the purpose of fishing completely at their own risk.


il viaggio è stato bellissimo!!
Cavagnac un angolo di paradiso, un lago con un fascino unico!!
Unica sfortuna il tempo, abbiamo trovato una settimana caldissima ed eravamo in una postazione completamente assolata...
Comunque fantastica!!
Door wat problemen met mijn auto toch enorm op weg geholpen door David.
We zijn zo ontzettend gecharmeerd van Cavagnac en alles eromheen
Behoorlijk koude periode en ook de vis reageerde op het weer
Al met al blij om toch weer voor Cavagnac gekozen te hebben
Lo mejor, la atención recibida por parte de Arnie.
Einfach nur Top!

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