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Carp fishing at Evaro
Molins-sur-Aube, Northern France

Carp fishing at Evaro

Molins-sur-Aube, Northern France
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Lake Description

Welcome to Evaro

Set in the middle of the fields in the Champagne region (northern France), Evaro is a 7,5 acre carp fishing lake for up to 7 anglers. Ideal for lake exclusive bookings, this venue is stocked with a little over 200 lovely commons and mirrors. The biggest carp being 35 kg - 77.16lb, the management has restocked the lake with some extra 50's. You can expect a lot of activity at Evaro!

The Lake

Situated between fields and lush oak woods, Evaro is a lovely 7,5 acre (3 hectares) carp fishing venue in Northern France. There is absolute tranquility, you won't hear any traffic; only the river Aube rippling along the property.

Nature enthusiasts will love this place as there is wilde boar, deer and roe deer. Rare birds like crane, ring ouzel, spotted flycatcher and the lesser whitethroat can also be spotted here.

Evaro is completely fenced and the gate can be locked, which will make you feel safe. There are quite some interesting features under the surface. The bottom of this old gravel pit obviously is gravel and it has some silt patches. The depths vary between 3 to 4 meters and the deepest point is 5 meters. In the middle of the lake carp anglers will find an interesting plateau, in some points only 1 meter deep!


Just like Domaine de Brocard, Jonchery and La Renarde, Lake Evaro is part of the Centre de Pêche en Champagne Complex, owned by the famous fish farmer Mr. Bachelier. The management completed the existing stock with new carp to an estimated total of around 200 carp. A quarter of the stock are nice 30's and 40's. A couple of 50's and 60's from the old La Horre stock have been released into Evaro. Biggest fish so far is a stunning 35 kg - 77.16lb common carp.

Key points

  • The Lake: Evaro
  • Departement: Aube (Champagne)
  • Open: March - October
  • Distance to lake: Calais - Evaro: 385 km
  • Surface: 7,5 acres (3 hectares)
  • Bottom: Gravel with some silt
  • Depth: Max. 5 m (16ft)
  • Max. Anglers: 7
  • Stocking: 200 carp, up to 35 kg - 77.16lb
  • Weeds: possible in summer
  • Access: all swims have car access
  • Price per Angler: 300€
  • Price per non-fishing guest: 70€
  • Lake exclusive: 1750€
  • WIFI: No
See Carp fishing at Evaro rules here >>

Rules - Evaro

Northern France

Check-in: Check in between 11:00 AM and 12:00 AM at Jonchery (“Centre de Pêche en Campagne”, 10220 Brévonnes, France)

Phone Bailiff Mark: +33 668 241 965

1. Unhooking mats and nets, slings must be shown to be dry on arrival (if wet we will dry them)
2. All shelters, bivvies must be Green or camouflage
3. All anglers must pay a 50 euro refundable bond and ask to sign a contract to abide by all fishery rules. This is payed back on your departure.
4. Unhooking mats must be no smaller than 70cm x 90cm.
5. Each angler MUST have a large container filled with lake water ready to pre wet mats and slings to minimise stress. Fish must be kept wet while out of the water.
6. Pvc weigh slings only
7. All anglers MUST have carp care antiseptic for treating hook wounds
8. Main line Mono only. Min mainline 15lbs. Max 20lbs
9. Leads must be able to brake away when needed. Leads must not drop off on every bite
10. Min hook size 6 Max 4. ALL hooks must be Barbless no flattening barbs.
11. Bait boats are permitted but you must be responsible in there use
12. No boats
13. All cars once unloaded must be places in the car park there is - No driving around the lake.
14. There is to be no carp sacks on site not even to dry bait. If you are found to have one you will be asked to leave immediately
15. No dogs or Fires
16. No Nuts, including tigernuts.
17. No lead core. Lead less leaders, safe zone leaders and tubing are all allowed. One of them must be used as we do not allow naked rigs. Band rigs, 360 rigs, Ronnie rigs (spinner rigs).
18. Particles must be purchased onsite or be prepared by a reputable company. You must not have dry Particles with you as we do not allow them to be prepared onsite. They must be soaked and cooked before you arrive. Pellets must be purchased on-site only, you must not bring any other pellets.
19. No shelf life bait. Freezer bait only. No salt in bait.
21. All fish over 50lbs must be reported to the bailiff
22. Please respect your casting area and all other anglers and staff
23. Boats are not allowed. Only baitboats allowed.
24. Drinking is aloud but if you are found to be drunk you will be asked to bring your rods in until we see you fit to fish
25. No dumping Bait before you leave.
26. The facilities are for every one's use so respect them and keep them clean after use .
27. Please keep noise down and respect your surroundings
28. Unhooking Mats mush be ready at all times
29. All anglers MUST enjoy there stay


Great Lake we unfortunately picked the week the fish were feeding on naturals. The non grass swims were very stoney and punctured my groundsheet , not impressed as it was a brand new bivvy. Balif very helpful facilities adequate although battery charging was an issue.
Die Reise nach Evaro war ein perfekter Angeltrip. Der See mit seinen wechselnden Ansprüchen, angelehnt an die Jahreszeiten, hat mir einige gute Fische gebracht. Kein Fisch war unter 15kg, einige 20kg+ Fische waren dabei und die 30 kg Marke ist durchaus möglich. Der See ist allerdings nichts für Anfänger und Einsteiger. Jedoch steht Mark, der Wächter, mit Rat und Tat zur Seite um den Fangerfolg zu ermöglichen. Sehr großes Lob an seine Person.
Die sanitären Einrichtungen sind gut und die limitierte Anzahl an Angelstellen lassen fast den Eindruck entstehen, dass man allein am Wasser ist.
Alles in allem eine gelungene Woche. Ich würde jederzeit wieder kommen.

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