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Molins-sur-Aube, Northern France


Molins-sur-Aube, Northern France
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Lake Description

Welcome to Evaro

Set in the middle of the fields in the Champagne region (northern France), Evaro is a 7,5 acre carp fishing lake for up to 7 anglers. Ideal for lake exclusive bookings, this venue is stocked with a little over 200 lovely commons and mirrors. The biggest carp being 59lb, the management will restock the lake with some extra 50's this winter. We expect a lot of activity at Evaro next year!

The Lake

Situated between fields and lush oak woods, Evaro is a lovely 7,5 acre (3 hectares) carp fishing venue in Northern France. There is absolute tranquility, you won't hear any traffic; only the river Aube rippling along the property.

Nature enthusiasts will love this place as there is wilde boar, deer and roe deer. Rare birds like crane, ring ouzel, spotted flycatcher and the lesser whitethroat can also be spotted here.

Evaro is completely fenced and the gate can be locked, which will make you feel safe. There are quite some interesting features under the surface. The bottom of this old gravel pit obviously is gravel and it has some silt patches. The depths vary between 3 to 4 meters and the deepest point is 5 meters. In the middle of the lake carp anglers will find an interesting plateau, in some points only 1 meter deep!

The Swims

Evaro counts only 3 double swims. The lake has a capacity for up to 6 anglers (or 7 anglers with lake exclusive booking). The grassy swims are spread out equally over the banks and provide enough space for 2 bivvies per swim.


Just like Domaine de Brocard, Jonchery and La Renarde, Lake Evaro is part of the Centre de Pêche en Champagne Complex, owned by the famous fish farmer Mr. Bachelier. The management completed the existing stock with new carp to an estimated total of around 200 carp. A quarter of the stock are nice 30's and 40's. A couple of 50's and 60's from the old La Horre stock will be released into Evaro this coming winter.


At the entrance there's a chalet with the facilities. There's a shower and WC. A gas-generator will provide electricity to charge phones & batteries.

Key points

  • The Lake: Evaro
  • Departement: Aube (Champagne)
  • Open: March - October
  • Distance to lake: Calais - Evaro: 385 km
  • Surface: 7,5 acres (3 hectares)
  • Bottom: Gravel with some silt
  • Depth: Max. 5 m (16ft)
  • Max. Anglers: 7
  • Stocking: 200 carp, up to 55lb
  • Weeds: possible in summer
  • Access: all swims have car access
  • Price per Angler: 300€
  • Price per non-fishing guest: 70€
  • Lake exclusive: 1750€
  • WIFI: No
See Evaro rules here >>

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