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Carp Fishing at Domaine des 3 Anneaux
Bailleul-sur-Thérain, Northern France

Carp Fishing at Domaine des 3 Anneaux

Bailleul-sur-Thérain, Northern France
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Lake Description

Nestled in the verdant Département Oise, just a brief two-hour drive from Calais, lies Domaine des 3 Anneaux—a haven for carp fishing enthusiasts. Formerly comprised of three separate ponds, the owner has ingeniously interconnected them, creating a sprawling 4-hectare / 10- acre carp venue with intriguing depth variations and interesting coves.

Exclusively available for rental to groups of one to four anglers, each visitor enjoys ample space for a fulfilling fishing experience. The venue offers the flexibility to move around a little, and also do some stalking with the float.

Depths range from 3 to 3.5 meters. Though summer may bring some weed growth, this won't be big deal and won't bother you during your session.

Fish stock

There is a carp stock of more than 250 mirror and common carp, 10% of which weigh more than 20kg. Etang des 3 Anneaux's current lake record is a 28kg common carp. There are no catfish, no sturgeon, no bream, no freshwater crayfish and no poisson chat.

Service and sanitary facilities

Domaine des 3 Anneaux has recently added modern amenities to enhance your fishing experience. A new sanitary block features a shower and a sink, conveniently situated near a separate building housing the toilet facilities. Additionally, a wooden chalet awaits, equipped with a gas fire, coffee machine, microwave oven, and a comfortable dining area with seating for four. This chalet serves as a nice social for the anglers where they can share meals, and also store essential gear.

While the chalet doesn't include a fridge or freezer due to its reliance on solar power stored in batteries, ample electricity is available for charging batteries and other essentials. Each swim is equipped with a new rowing boat, included in the rental price.

Philippe, the bailiff, regularly checks in to ensure everything runs smoothly. Living nearby, he's always just a phone call away should you require assistance or advice. For any additional supplies, a supermarket is conveniently located a few kilometers away in the village of Bailleul (Intermarché).

Domaine des 3 Anneaux offers not just exceptional fishing opportunities but also comfort, convenience, and a warm sense of community—all within easy reach of home.

Key points

  • The Lake: Domaine des 3 Anneaux
  • Location: 60930 Bailleul-sur-Thérain, France
  • Region: Oise
  • Distance: 218 km from Calais (2 hour drive)
  • Area: 4 hectares / 10 acres
  • Carp Stock: around 250 carp. Lake record: 28kg // 62lbs
  • Anglers: Maximum 4
  • Depths: deepest areas are 3,5 m deep.
  • Obstacles: hardly any obstacles
  • Weed Formation: some, but the water is always fishable
  • Access: the swims have car access
  • Wifi: no
  • Lake exclusive: 1250€, Saturday to Saturday for up to 4 anglers
See Carp Fishing at Domaine des 3 Anneaux rules here >>

Rules - Domaine des 3 Anneaux

Northern France

1. Please contact the owner Philippe via Whatsapp or text message when you arrive in the village of Bailleul-sur-Thérain so he can receive you at the lake. Philippe's phone number: +33 637 15 72 62. Please wait for him at the sign “TENART” (logistics company) in Bailleul.

Please pay him refundable deposit of 50€ per person at your arrival.

2. It’s allowed to fish 24 hrs per day - catch and release
3. Bait boats & boats are allowed. Life jacket mandatory
4. Swimming is forbidden.
5. Allowed rigs: “carp friendly” rigs (safety bolt rigs), micro barbed & barbless hooks are allowed. Nylon and braided mainline are allowed. Rig tube is allowed.
6. Not Allowed: carp sacs, peanuts, tiger nuts. Fixed lead systems: in case the line brakes the weight must fall off easily (so the carp can swim around without any weights)
7. 3 Rods per angler. Bivvies and tents should be brown or green. Never leave rods unattended.
8. Each angler should have a big landing net with a min. size of 90 cm and a big unhooking mat (min. 4 cm thick, 1m large and 1,2m long)
9. Please return the fish carefully to the water
10. Marking or stealing fish will be reported immediately to the local Police (Gendarmerie).
11. Alcohol abuse and drugs are not tolerated.
12. Please respect the nature and the tranquillity of the site. Keep clean the sanitary building and the swims. Please separate waste in the designated containers. No cigarette butts on the ground.
13. Pets are allowed. Open fire is not allowed. Gas cookers and barbecues are allowed.
14. The owner can keep the refundable payment if you don’t respect the regulations
15. Arrival: 12:00 AM. Departure before 11.00 AM.
16. The owner and the bailiff can check the hook links at any time.
17. The owner is not responsible for theft, fire, injury or what so ever.
18. Each angler should sign the regulations declaring that he/she accepts them.
19. Waste separation: please separate glass from plastic and from paper.

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