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Etang de Brigueuil High Mill Lake
Rules - Brigueuil
Central France

Rules - Brigueuil

Central France

- It goes without saying we operate a NO-KILL policy and all fish must be returned to the water in the best conditions without delay.
- No debutants. All novice anglers learning to carp fish must be accompanied by another experienced carp angler with several years of carp angling knowledge. You will not be allowed to fish for carp on your own if you do not have enough experience of handling large carp or knowledge of carp care.
- Keep nets are prohibited, for those anglers fishing on their own we are available throughout the day and night to take photos if you have any difficulties.
- Large landing nets and large unhooking mats are obligatory
- Anglers are encouraged to enter the water to unhook/photo fish as it is safer for the fish in case of a fall.
- Maximum 4 rods per angler, 1 hook per rod

- Maximum size of hook size 4, micro-barbed or barbed only
- Minimum 15lb line
- No braid or lead core.
- No fishing directly into the lilies. Only deepfreeze or home-made boillies are allowed, no ready mades. No plastic baits.
- Safety of the fish is of paramount importance, only rigs that reflect this will be tolerated. We have the right to inspect rods daily and make changes where necessary.
- Bait boats permitted, respect for neighboring fishermen must be exercised at all times.
- Only green or camouflage tents are allowed.
- Entry into water for casting is permitted only to the height of knee length boots.
- We expect all anglers to carry antiseptic, on sale in the shop for those who are without.
- Anyone leaving rods unsupervised or behaving unreasonably will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.
- All gates to the lake must be kept closed at all times.
- Vehicles are not authorized around the lake so all vehicles must be parked in the specified parking areas.
- You must respect the environment, flora and fauna at all times.
- All rubbish to be put in bags and placed in the dustbins provided. Cigarette ends are not to be thrown on the ground or in the lake. A fine will be levied if you are found to do so.
- Toilets and showers are to be left in a clean condition, as you would hope to find them.
- No swimming
- 1 non-fishing guest per angler (except minors).
- Dogs are permitted on 1 bank with prior authorization by the proprietors.
- The proprietors are not responsible for any personal accidents, theft or loss of equipment occurring on the property at any time.
-Fish abouve 50LB or 23 kg will be photographed in the water, please bring waders to fascilitate this.

Please pay the local tourist tax directly to Tracey & Andy: 0,60€ per adult, per night

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