Grosley-sur-Risle, Normandy
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    Grosley-sur-Risle, Normandy
    12 Ha + 4 Ha
    28 kg


    The Lake
    March - November
    Distance to lake:
    Le Havre - Grosley: 110 km Calais - Grosley: 286 km
    12 + 4 ha
    Hard gravel bottom
    2 to 2,5 Meter
    Max. Anglers:
    lots of 20's, 30's and 40's. Record: 62 lbs
    Weed formation:
    Sometimes in summer, around swims 10 and 13
    all swims have good access by car, except swim 13
    Price per Angler:
    300 € per week
    Price per non-Angler:
    70€ per week
    Exclusive booking
    use of a boat:

    Score Grosley

    Quality lake
    Quality swims
    Total Score
    Feed back: 465

    "Had a great time went on my own and was made welcome by the bailiff and all the Dutch anglers looking forward to going back in April 19 "

    — David, United Kingdom

    "Couldn't fault anything at the venue, superb .Top marks !!!! had a great week, even booked a return for next year whilst we were there, although still awaiting the confirmation ( Sept 15 - 25th 2018 ). "

    — steve, great britain

    "Grosley is a great relaxing fishing holiday, peaceful, quiet and green surrounding. The fish are good quality, hard fighting and decent sizes. However the showers and toilets do let the lake down with outside the toilets there are old shampoo bottles, dirty mops and squeegees, the washing up sink you can't use it is covered in all this stuff. The toilets and showers are ok but don't seem to be cared for, they used to be clean on my every visit not now and finally where in the world does a four star holiday expect you to buy toilet rolls?..........outrageous. Summary fish good, facilities need more attention it is after all a holiday destination. "

    — Darren, England

    "Mark and Michelle are doing their very best to make all welcome. They have taken on a lot to deal with as the lake has been neglected, they are both equally working hard to make it work. Much better reception than the last years bailiff!"

    — Chris, United Kingdom

    "Best fishing trip ever, lots of high quality fish 70 fish between the two of us for a weight of just over 2,000 lbs Fantastic result."

    — Steve , England

    "Brilliant fishing great bailiff swims could all do with a cutting of the grass facilities are good, outside area needs a tidy up. 39 fish including sturgeon, and a black and white koi Looking forward to the video/film back in September this year"

    — Darren, England

    "On arrival Eric was absolutely brilliant but swim 8 was completely overgrown we couldn't see the lake at all sitting in the swim we lost 5 fish. And ended up with one hanging in the trees it is that bad it spoilt the fishing trip Sorry! Yours sincerely."

    — peter, uk

    "We were very unlucky with weather but still managed a few lovely fish. Grossly is a lovely lake brilliant facilities, great bailiff and full of large carp. We have already booked for next year. "

    — Warwick, United kingdom

    "Great lake, friendly and helpful bailiff. Caught sturgeon, albino catfish, grass carp , carp and koi. Biggest carp 42.2lbs.will definitely be back. Andy swann "

    — Andrew, UK

    "We had a good week thanks"

    — William, uk

    "Thank you so much for wonderful holiday. Eric was great and the place is so good. I caught some high quality fish and smashed my personel best twice. I caught 9 in total and lost only one fish. The nearby town was lovely with all you need. Going again next year !!!!"

    — Darren, England

    "Very nice"

    — William, UK

    "An all round fishing gem ,you need to fish well then the rewards will come. Good job Thomas. "

    — Paul, United Kingdom

    "Third visit to this lake . Had a slow start with the weather being very hot. Changed tactics and we then saw fish on the bank with 24 in total . Had a great week as I had two fish over 50lb with one at 27kg . Great lake, Will be back."

    — Richard, UK

    "Great place going back in september "

    — Leslie, United Kingdom

    "Enjoyed a fab week at Grosely, caught 18 fish of various weights all over 30 lbs. Lovely surroundings ,great hospitality. Great location easy to reach from Le Havre. Will be back soon!"

    — John, United Kingdom

    "Great stay caught some nice hard fighting fish. Eric the bailiff is very helpful "

    — Jason, U.K.

    "Great time again and to be honest was a bit slow after the recent flood. Thx to Eric for streaming the world cup for us. 2 of us are coming back in October for some late season action. "

    — Michael, United Kingdom

    "Always a pleasure to deal with and the lake and fishing are great. "

    — Paul, United Kingdom

    "Great week at Grosley with over 60 fish between the 6 of us.... Biggest carp just over 48lb and biggest sturgeon at just over 59 lb"

    — Richard , Oxfordshire
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    Situated roughly a one hour drive from the port of Le Havre, Lac de Grosley lies in the valley of the river Risle in Normandy. However if you prefer to travel to Calais the lake is only 177 miles (285 km) which is an easy three hour drive. The nearest town is Beaumont-le-Roger which, although not very large, does have all the facilities you could require during your stay. The town of Rouen is the nearest major town and this is around a one hour drive away.
    There are two lakes on the site which are fringed with deciduous woodland, with majestic oaks and tall poplars, and open fields and both are easily accessible. The lake is  a holiday venue that is be enjoyed by all, and the management has succeeded with many anglers returning for what can only be described as an easy to fish venue with excellent facilities.

    The Lake

    There are two lakes available to anglers, both of which are fringed by woodland and fields. The lakes are bordered by lily beds, fringed with reeds and with overhanging trees creating holding areas for the fish. The first lake is around 29 acres (12 ha) and features a central island, a real holding spot for the carp. The second lake is smaller at around 9.8 acres (4 ha). Both are fully accessible via a gravel path which runs around the perimeter of the lakes. The whole complex is very secure and is locked at night.
    All of the swims are accessible by car (where you can leave it during your stay), except swim 13, and there are several wooden gazebo-style shelters around the lake depending on which swims are chosen.
    Bait boats can be used.
    The lakes have hard, gravel bottoms and are both around 2-2,5 meters deep.
    Grosley also has the advantage of having a bar/restaurant for anglers. This is open nearly all year and offers meals during the day. There is also a small tackle shop selling general items such as hooks, leads etc.

    The Swims

    There are a good variety of swims to choose from at Grosley with a maximum of 20 anglers fishing at any one time. The swims are spread over the two lakes, with only two available on the small lake, giving anglers plenty of space to fish, and, unlike many lakes with hard, gravel swims cut into the banks, the swims at Grosley are natural and grassy. They are spacious and there is parking right behind most of the swims (all except 13). Swims 2, 15, 17, 18 and 19 are single swims with all the rest capable of being fished by two anglers. Swim 10 and 21 can be booked by 3 anglers. Several swims have a table and a small wooden chalet/gazebo-style building which can be used to store your gear or to cook in (with your own equipment). These are quite capable of taking a bedchair and many anglers sleep in them. They are available on swims 7, 10, 13, 17, 21 and 23.

    Fish Stocks

    The stock in the lakes consists of a mix of mirrors and fully-scaled mirror carp with some lovely commons. There is a good mix of fish, all incredibly well-coloured, ranging from around 20lb (9.8kg, the natural, original stocking) to around 61lb (27,5kg). The average is around 24lb (12.2kg) and there are around 300 carp stocked in total. Carp of over 44lb (20kg) are regularly caught. There are a few crayfish in the lakes but not enough to cause anglers problems and there are no poisson chat. In the winter from 2016 80 commons between 25 and 35 lbs were introduced in the big lake.


    There is also a toilet/shower block for the use of anglers which also contains a fridge, freezer and microwave oven. Electricity is available for charging equipment. Fresh bread can be ordered on a daily basis and there is also a small tackle shop selling small general fishing items such as hooks, leads etc. Each morning, the bakery brings us fresh bread, croissants and pain au chocolat. Each are 8€ per week. Order at arrival.


    - Anglers: 300 Euros per Week (Sat - Sat)
    - Non-fishing guests: 70€ per week

    - Particle-mix 15€ per 5 kg, hemp 18€ per 5kg.

    - Carp-cradle: 20€ per week.


    “Carp Fishing at Lac De Grosley in Normandy (by Neil Denton)

    Having never fished in France before both me and my son-in law (Ade) booked a week’s fishing with Fishermans Holidays which was arranged with Thomas from their main office the support and help given to go was 1st class and very informative with lots of advice.
    On getting to Grosley we were greeted by Eric and his wife who made us very welcome with a complementary cup of tea.
    We were then shown around our swims and give some tips on how to fish. Although we were tired from the travel from Cornwall via Dover we very quickly got set up and fishing with four rods each and I soon had a bend in my rods with a nice fish 28.5lbs.
    We had set ourselves a target of one fish a day and this was blown away with some fantastic results with 67 Carp between us in total, 6x 30+ (35.10lbs) biggest by Ade. 45 x 20lbs plus and I (Neil) caught a lake record Sturgeon of 19.12lbs
    A big thanks goes to the help from Howard at Nutrabaits in selecting the bait for the trip nearly all the catches came from Trigger and Salmon-Caviar and Black pepper Boilies. The time spent at the bait centre was well worth all the time prior to our trip.
    Eric and his wife also provided excellent food throughout the week and the need to take your own food is not required, the site facilities are excellent.
    As you can see we had a fantastic time and would recommend this experience to any one reading this we are definitely looking forward to going back again in May next year, I have some great photographs that got better the end of the week.”

    Neil Denton


    Holiday Home

    This is the new shed on swim nr 3, free of charge. In the left part is enough space for 2 bedchairs. The covered deck protects you from rain and wind. There's electricity available in the shed, at a cost of 7,5€ a day. Within 50 meters you will find another shed with a fridge, a freezer and electricity for charging batteries. Within 100 meters is the sanitary building. Swim 2+3 is very good option for a group of 3 anglers.



    Arrival between 10 and 12 AM, departure before 10AM. You will have no acces to your swim before 12AM. Please respect these hours so that our bailiff can prepare your swim.
    Upon arrival a 50€ deposit will be collected per angler. The angler should bring a valid booking confirmation.
    Upon departure you are expected to leave your swim and the cabin in a clean state: No cigarette buds, no waste left behind, sweep the cabin, …

    Please bring garbage to the front and separate waste in the designated containers. Glass should be kept separate and brought to the communal glass container 200M from the venue.
    Dirty swims and/or badly separated waste will automatically result in losing your deposit.


    Fisherman Holidays:                                   +32 (0)50 36 34 29 - WHATSAPP: +32 486 113024 (Nicolas)
    Bailiff (FR):                                        +33-6-72009619 (Médéric)
    Police:            just call the number   17
    Ambulance:                                       15
    Fire Brigade:                                      18
    General emergency nr                      112 


    1. Bait can and will be checked. If particles are not properly prepared, they can be rejected. Tiger nuts and peanuts are prohibited.
    2. It’s allowed to fish 24 hrs per day - catch and release
    3. Baitboats are allowed. Boats are only allowed if a fish gets stuck in weed or snags. The use of a safety vest is mandatory. Use of a boat is at own risk and responsability
    4. Swimming and wading is forbidden.
    5. Allowed rigs: Always use tubing (max 50cm) - “carp friendly” tube rigs (safety bolt rigs), hooks with micro barb  (max. size 2) and nylon mainline
    6. The hooklink may be stiff or braided, but should always be less strong than the main line. Lead shouldn’t be heavier than 80 grams.
    7. Not Allowed: carp sacs, bent hooks, braided mainline and Lead Core.. Follow the instructions of the bailiff for all safety-measures on rigs.
    8. 3 Rods per angler.
    9. Bivvies and tents should be brown or green.
    10. Each angler should have a big landing net with a min. size of 90 cm and a carp cradle, a big weigh sling and Klinic to disinfect the hook wounds.
    11. Fishing is only allowed on the booked swims.
    12. Please return the fish carefully to the water. Special attention to grass carp and sturgeon!
    13. Open fire is not allowed. Gas cookers and barbecues are allowed if they don’t leave marks in the grass.
    14. Alcohol abuse and drugs are not tolerated.
    15. Please respect the nature and the tranquility of the site. Keep clean the sanitary building and the swims.
    16. Dogs are allowed, bus shall under no circumstance cause harm (noise, aggression, excrements, etc) to other guests. Keep them on a leash.
    17. The owner can keep the deposit if you don’t respect these regulations
    18. Visitors are welcome between 9AM and 18AM and will be charged 10€ pp/day. They are subject to the same rules. The angler(s) are responsible for their guests.
    19. Cars are allowed, we ask you to use them as minimal as possible. Drive slowly.
    20. The owner and the bailiff can check the hooklinks at any time.
    21. Your stay on Domaine de Lac de Groslsy is at your own risk. Carp Holidays can not be held responsible for injuries, death, theft, damage, aso during your stay.
    22. Each angler should sign the regulations declaring that he/she accepts them.
    23. In case you are caught marking fish, you will have to deal with French Justice.

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