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Etang Rys
Château-sur-Allier, Southern France

Etang Rys

Château-sur-Allier, Southern France
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Lake Description

Etang Rys is part of the huge 2500 acre private hunting property Saint-Augustin in Château-sur-Alier in the middle of France. This new lake is rented by Guillaume Rousselet, the owner from two other wellknown lakes like Etang Furet and Etang Neuf. He netted the lake and made 4 comfortable swims. If you pass the entrance of the property you will get a special feeling. The old oak forest, the quietness, the deer everywhere, the wildlife, the nature. If you arrive at the lake this feeling gets even stronger. You realise that you may stay here for a week's fishing, such a wonderful feeling!

The Lake

Etang Rys will fullfill all the wishes from a carp angler. Nature is abundant, 19 acres of water and only 4 swims for a maximum of 7 anglers. The bottom of the lake is composed of sand and silt and there are no obstacles. Depths are from 60 cm till 3,5 meters in the middle. No weeds, no small catfish, no sturgeon and no big catfish. Only some mussels and crayfish. You are allowed to use a baitboat and boat, but no own boats may be used. You can rent a boat on arrival.

The stock

The lake has been netted and the fisherman found a lot of nice and big carp. All the big fishes over 10kg were put back together with some new ones, so that the stock now consists of 300 commons and mirrors between 22 and 66 lbs. The opening of Etang Rys was in March 2018. This lake had never been fished before.

The swims

Swim 1 is a double swim with a huge luxury log cabin with two bedrooms, a brand new kitchen with everything you need: dishwasher, watercooker, microwave oven, etc. There is a beautiful bathroom, a livingroom and a big deck, with the best view over the lake. Sheets and towels are NOT provided. The log cabin has been built on poles and the swim lies next to it. You cannot have your rods on the deck, because it is too high. But this swim is a topswim. Swim 2 is a single swim on a good distance from swim 1. Swim 3 and 4 are double swims. Etang Rys is the ideal lake to book exclusively by 4 to 7 anglers.

Sanitary and service

The sanitary on Etang Neuf is perfect. At the entrance of the venue (about 5 minutes from Etang Rys) there is a building with a comfortable shower, a washbasin and a toilet. Everything is quite new and made with good quality. There is electricity to charge your batteries and there is a fridge, a freezer and WIFI. The supermarket is within 5 minutes and Guillaume goes to the bakery for you every morning to get your bread and croissants. Guillaume offers also foodservice, he sells boilies and particles, he rents boats for 100€ per week and bicycles for 35€ per week. Just a perfect place to spend a week and catch some nice carp.


Holiday home

This domain has a holiday home

Key points

  • Lake Etang Rys
  • Department Allier
  • Open march - november
  • Calais - Etang Rys 560 km
  • Surface 19 acres
  • Bottom sand and gravel
  • Depth uptill 3,5 meter
  • Max. number anglers 7
  • Stock 300 carp between 9-30 kg
  • Accessibility All swims are accessible by car
  • Price per angler 300€ per week
  • Price per non-angler 70€ per week
  • Exclusive booking 2990€ (7 angler + inclusive chalet)
  • Price holiday home 890€ per week (4 non-anglers included)
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