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Fisherman holidays

How is the booking process?

You can book your carp fishing holidays on-line, via the phone or via e-mail. Once you've sent a booking request, the owner from the venue has to accept your booking. Generally speaking, the owners confirm the booking requests within 24h. This is when we send you a booking confirmation via e-mail. You can pay the balance during the booking process with a safe on-line payment or you can pay the deposit with a bank transfer to our Belgian bank account.

Choosing a lake

When you're looking to book a carp fishing lake, you'll have to decide whether you want to book a lake exclusive or if you want to book one or several swims. How many anglers are coming fishing? Are you looking for an easy lake, a specimen lake or rather a lake with accommodation for you and your family?

When do you want to go fishing?

The second step is to choose the dates. Most lakes have to be booked for a whole week (mostly Saturday to Saturday), but some other lakes can also be booked for shorter periods.

Pick the swims

When you know when you want to go fishing, then you can pick your favourite swims. Some swims are very popular and are booked sometimes more than a year in advance.

Fill out the booking form

Once you've chosen a your lake, the dates and the swims, you can move on to the booking form. Fill out your name, family name, e-mail and phone. Your details will never be passed on to third parties. We need your e-mail to send the booking confirmation and a phone so we can reach you in case we have to.

Last Step: the payment

During the booking process you can choose to pay the 50% deposit directly with an on-line payment (during the booking process), or to pay this within 7 days via a bank transfer. Online payments are processed thought the safe on-line payment gateway Mollie.

The balance is due 2 months prior to your arrival and can also be paid on-line or with a bank transfer. More information on how and when to pay.