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Rules - Villedon
Southern France

Rules - Villedon

Southern France

1. The angler should bring a valid booking confirmation.
2. It’s allowed to fish 24 hrs per day - catch and release
3. Boats are included in the price (safety jackets are on board). Own boats are permitted if they are green/grey. The use of life vests is compulsory wile using the boat. Don't use waders or chest waders in the boat for your safety! Bait boats are allowed if you respect the other anglers. Reeling in fish in the boat is only allowed if the fish is tangled in the marker or snags.
4. Swimming is allowed if you respect the other anglers.
5. Allowed rigs: “carp friendly” rigs (safety bolt rigs), micro barbed hooks and nylon mainline. The hooklink may be stiff or braided, but should allways be less strong than the main line. Rig tube is ok. No lead core, no Safe Zone Leaders. 30 cm tubing on the mainline is compulsory.
6. Not Allowed: carp sacs, bent hooks, braided mainline, particles. Only pellets and boilies are allowed. Strictly forbidden to bring your own particles. Only hemp bought at the lake is allowed.
7. 4 Rods per angler. Bivvies and tents should be brown or green.
Each angler should have a big landingnet with a min. size of 90 cm, a big weigh sling and Klinic to desinfect the hook wounds. No need to bring unhooking mats, a large unhooking mat is supplied by Villedon.
8. Fishing is only allowed on the booked swims. Max. 2 marker sticks per person (no other markers allowed).
9. Please return the fish carefully to the water. Unhook the fish in the landing net in the water. No 25kg+ fish on the bank.
10. Marking or steeling fish will be reported immediately to the local Police (Gendarmerie).
11. Caravans and Campers are not allowed because the site is not a Camping. Excessive use of alcohol is not tolerated.
12. Please respect the nature and the tranquillity of the site. Keep clean the sanitary building and the swims. Please separate waste in the designated containers.
13. Dogs are allowed. Open fire is not allowed. The use of gas cookers and barbecues is allowed.
14. The owner can keep the refundable payment if you don’t respect the regulations
15. Arrival between 13:00h - 16:00h. Departure between 09:00h - 11:00h.
16. The owner and the bailiff can check the hooklinks at any time.
17. The owner is not responsible for theft, fire, injury or what so ever.
18. Each angler should sign the regulations declaring that he/she accepts them.
19. Not all swims have car access.
20. Strictly forbidden to bring your own particles. Only hemp bought at the lake is allowed.
21. There's an additional cleaning fee: 35€ for the cabin and 75€ for the gîte.

PS. In case you are caught marking fish, you will have to deal with French Justice.

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