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Rules - Vaulaurent

Reviews - Carp fishing at Etang du Vaulaurent

i wouldnt recomend vauleraunt to anyone, its full of bream, i would get a singlr beep at around 10 pm, bring the rods in the next day to find bream had been sat on them all night, even using big boilies, th bream obviosly feed around the hook and hook themselves, i left on wednesday, waste of my week off, the lake needs netting, i saw no carp,
Night fishing is the main way of catching
Lake level down water very warm. Fishing very hard as a result. Third visit here poorest catch of all
Just a brilliant fishing holiday
Stunning lake. Been before and will probably go again.
Fishing was difficult but I know from past experience the quality of the fish in there.
Superb surroundings and spacious swim. Facilities first class, one of the best I’ve visited.
Michel superb host even coming to my swim late on Friday evening to jump start my van when my battery was flat.
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