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Rules - Pimprez NEW!
Northern France

Rules - Pimprez NEW!

Northern France

Original Rules from Pimprez - Our rules exist to safeguard our fish stocks and ensure that you have an enjoyable visit to Domaine de Pimprez. Please read these rules carefully before you fish, as failure to observe the rules or acting in any way, which interferes with others’ enjoyment or use of the lakes, will result in the offender being immediately removed and banned from the fishery.

For your arrival and departure:
Arrival times: 10 AM till 12 and 2 PM till 6 PM.
Departure: before 10 Am. You must call the baillif at your arrival. If you arrive too early, gate will be closed and you will have to wait.) thanks to your understanding.

Fish only from the platforms provided, please do not fish between swims

All fish must be returned to the water immediately, do not use keepnets or sacks to retain fish

All forms of fixed lead are banned - all leads must be free running

Rods are not to be left unattended at any time or for any reason (3 rods /angler)

Please be considerate when using buzzers; please turn the sound down as noise travels

You must be in possession of an unhooking mat for all forms of fishing.

All fish being photographed must be held over an unhooking mat at all times - photographs should be taken kneeling down under no circumstances should you hold fish standing up

Fish must be weighed using a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net.

Do not cut or otherwise damage bank-side vegetation

Do not disturb wildlife please advise a member of staff as soon as possible should any wildlife become hurt or injured, hooked or entangled with line, or if line becomes snagged on trees or bushes or on any underwater snag during your visit in order that this can be immediately removed

Do not light any fires and do not burn the grass when using any form of cooking equipment

The use of BBQ's is allowed only on foot.

Toilets are available close to the lake; please use them

Catch reports and photographs of any notable fish caught would be appreciated for our website and notice board

All nets must be dipped before starting to fish.

All anglers must be in possession of a large landing net, which has at least 36” arms with a deep mesh net - pan nets are not allowed

No braided main lines (except on marker rods) or shock leaders to be used

Barbless hooks only to be used (barbed and micro-barbed hooks are not allowed)

No fish to be sacked at any time, all fish to be returned to the water immediately after capture and photographin

Bait boats is allowed. respect your limit. Dogs are allowed, but there is a charge of 35€ for their stay.

Your own rowing boat is allowed (10€ for all during of your trip)

When photographing fish, support the fish over a large unhooking mat, kneel and never stand up with the fish

When returning fish to the water you must use a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net regardless of the distance. Do not carry any fish without the use of a sling, zipped unhooking mat or landing net

Do not driving for going at the shower or Wc ( walking recommended)

if you want to go shopping? The gate is open at 9 o'clock till 18 o'clock. After this hour, gate is closed.

The yellow garbages are done for put all plastic pieces and the big green Box is for Glasses bottle. thanks for the Nature. If you respect all our rules you will receive all my heartfelt gratitude. Jeoffrey MARTIGNY ( 0033 6 09 57 48 76)

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