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River Carp Fishing in France: All You Need to Know 10 October 2023

France is a hidden gem for anglers seeking the thrill of river carp fishing. Nestled within its stunning countryside are numerous rivers teeming with stunning carp. Let's delve into the art of river carp fishing in France. Join us in our next blog post for the insights on the best locations, essential tackle, baiting strategies, and much more.

Need Advice? Ask Local Tackle Shops or Match Anglers

So, you're planning a river carp fishing expedition in France. But where do you start? Where are the good spots and what are the fish feeding on?? Seeking guidance from local tackle shops and seasoned match anglers is akin to unlocking the river's best-kept secrets. These local experts hold a wealth of knowledge that extends beyond any guidebook. They can steer you toward the most promising fishing spots, recommend the ideal gear and bait tailored to the area's unique conditions, and keep you updated on the ever-changing preferences and habits of the river's carp population.

Moreover, they'll ensure you're well-informed about any regulations or permits necessary for your angling adventure. Engaging with the local fishing community not only enhances your chances of success but also adds a touch of camaraderie and authenticity to your river carp fishing experience. So, whether you're a novice angler or a seasoned pro, don't underestimate the wisdom and insights that can be gleaned from those who know the waters best.

Fish Away from the Main Flow

When it comes to river carp fishing, understanding the significance of baiting clear areas and marginal features is paramount. It's a strategy that can make all the difference between a rewarding catch and a blank session. Carp, being the astute creatures they are, often gravitate towards these strategic spots in search of food and shelter.

Clear areas and marginal features provide them with a sense of security and abundance. Furthermore, especially during the colder months, carp prefer to conserve their energy. This preference leads them to seek out areas of slack water away from the main flow, where they can rest and feed more comfortably. These quiet eddies and backwaters often hide in plain sight along the riverbanks, waiting for the savvy angler to discover them.

So, when you're out on the river in pursuit of carp, remember to cast your lines into these subtle, yet highly productive, zones where nature and strategy converge to create the perfect fishing opportunities.

Do I need a Fishing Licence in France?

To fish in all public waters in France, you need a fishing licence. This licence or Carte de Pêche shows that you belong to an approved fishing and aquatic environment protection association (AAPPMA) and, more generally, that you are part of the network of recreational fishing associations. Through your membership, you also contribute to the funding of a number of initiatives to protect and preserve our natural environment and its fish fauna.

There's a whole range of different licences which can be purchased here.

At our private carp fishing lakes in France, you won't need to bother with the intricacies of buying fishing licenses or fret about finding the perfect fishing spot. Our lakes offer not only the tranquility and seclusion that comes with a private setting but also the assurance of a safe and well-maintained environment. So, consider making your next fishing expedition one to remember by booking a swim at our private carp fishing lakes in France, where you can fish to your heart's content without the usual worries and formalities.

Your Baiting Campaign

Start your baiting campaign on the right foot. Instead of using expensive boilies right away, consider particles and pellets which are cheaper. These baits will create a buffet irresistible for all kinds of species, including carp. When you consistently apply bait over several days, you're essentially sending out an invitation to carp in the area.

Recommended Tackle when River Carp Fishing

When you go river carp fishing, you definitively need the right tackle to make your session a successful one. First and foremost, consider using strong snag leaders and mainlines with a breaking strength of 20lb or more. River carp are usually stronger than lake carp because they have to live in the current and make an extra effort to find their food. Make sure you're well-prepared for and intense fight.

To secure your bait in the swirling currents, opt for 5oz leads or heavier to effectively hold the bottom. Also, large hook baits are essential to deter nuisance fish, ensuring that the carp remain your primary target.

Additionally, the strategic use of back leads can keep your lines clear of boat traffic, preventing unwanted disturbances during your fishing sessions. Finally, don't forget to anchor your rods securely with strong butt grips, ensuring that you're always in control when that elusive river carp makes its move. With the right tackle in your arsenal, you'll be ready to take on the challenges of river carp fishing with confidence and anticipation.