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78lbs 8oz Stunner for Jody at Etang 5! 14 April 2017

We knew a big carp had been landed in swim 4 last week, so we contacted the anglers to get some details. Jody confirmed he caught this 78lbs 8oz stunner and sent us some photographic proof :-) Well done Jody!

"Yes, it was me. She weighed 78lbs 8oz and blew me away with her immense size and power!
I've attached some pictures, along with another one of 49lbs 8oz which I caught too. The bait I used was "The Hartford Mix" boilies, by MCF baits, and it was caught on a snowman rig.
Thanks for an amazing week... I am still grinning from ear to ear...it was an amazing result!!

I hope to return again some day!! Kind regards,